My Ideal Lifestyle

I’ve just been reading a post on the Crafts Forum which got me thinking… a fellow member has asked for people’s thoughts on the ideal lifestyle, so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you all.

If money were no object, I would love to be able to buy a large property, perhaps a barn conversion or something similar… somewhere with a acres of land, perhaps like this:

Barn Conversion

In an ideal world, our property would be located on the Isle of Arran as not only is there some beautiful scenery surrounding the island but I also have a lot of family history there, and I would love to go back to the place my Grandparents, their family and my parents spent so much time growing up.

Within our property we would have all the usual kitchen, diningroom, livingroom, bathroom, shower room, my office/craft room, hubby’s candle workshop as well as a nice hot tub in a conservatory to relax by candle light in the evenings. We would have a ‘relaxation’ room filled with soft lighting, soft music and a huge tropical fish tank. We’d look into solar power and wind turbines, etc too đŸ™‚

Outdoors within our land I’d like to grow our own vegetables, perhaps have some livestock and a section as a nature reserve to encourage the local wildlife. We’d have an automotive workshop for hubby’s car and motorbike projects too. I’d also make sure to have a secure outdoor enclosure for our dogs and would no doubt have more than our current two dogs!! We would also like to look into either a B&B within our property or self contained holiday cottages depending on the demand and available land, etc.

We could run craft classes from our workshops… cardmaking, candle making, etc and pehaps open a small shop selling our handmade wares. Of course we would make sure we had plenty of space for when we hear the pitter patter of tiny feet (hopefully one day) and for all those visitors that we’d no doubt have!!

Our days would be spent tending to our veggies, livestock, pets, home and garden in between carrying on our crafting and if we were lucky enough, hosting some lovely guests to our accomodation and shop.

Looking around the Isle of Arran and the possibilities that are there for what we’d like to do one day, it definitely makes me stop and think “this is the life”… perhaps when we win the lottery but until then we’ll have to keep dreaming and perhaps one day our dreams will come true.

So… what would be your ideal life/lifestyle?



  1. I agree about Arran. I grew up in Prestwick and looked out over Arran from my bedroom window. We had holidays there every year when I was little. I spent my honeymoon there and go back regularly.
    We are lucky to have a little of your ideal lifestyle – without the money!!

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