Silent Sunday: New Toy – Spellbinder Sapphire

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Cricut Friday: Birthday Card #28

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Happy Birth Day! Happy Birth Day!

Another birthday card to share with you and I was inspired by this card on my Pinterest board.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this card:

Fold the gold cardstock so it is a finished size of 4.25″x 5.5″. Cut the balloons at 5.5″. Cut HAPPY DAY from the white cardstock using the Quickutz alphabet die.  Tie the twine around each balloon and adhere them in layers using adhesive for the bottom layer and foam dots for the top layer.  Tie the twine together with a bow and adhere to the card.  Adhere the letters to the cardstock.

It is fun to blend die-cutting formats and therein lies the creative challenge.  This card is a great way to use those patterned paper scraps you have lying around.  And, this card lends…

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Candle Safety


Candle safety is soooo important… always be careful with lit candles xx

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Did you know that candle fires account for almost 5% of all reported house fires in the UK?

Or that, over the last decade, fires started by burning candles have almost trebled?

In our modern lives we have become so used to central heating and electric light bulbs that most of us have forgotten how dangerous candles can be.

We use candles to create that warm cosy glow on a winter’s evening and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without decorated candles on the dinner table.

Unfortunately we have forgotten the disasters that can also result from the use of a small naked flame!

Excessive heat can shatter a glass candleholder or container and make it more likely that anything flammable which might be nearby will catch fire so make always make sure that your candles are placed in suitable containers/holders before being lit.

In general, we would advise that candles…

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I Couldn’t Care Less! and Here’s Why…


Very well written blog post and something that I am sure most of us can relate too :)

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I’m guessing you’ve probably read the title of this post and though, “huh??? is she having a meltdown?” erm… no, no I’m not, but what I have had, over the past few weeks / months / years, is clarity and today I want to share why in the hope it may help some of you reach your clarity too!

So, the story starts a few weeks ago (though probably before that – this is really the last straw moment) I was at a business function and I had the opportunity to meet another business person who I had admired for some time. As I chatted to this person the realisation hit me that I actually didn’t like them and I certainly didn’t admire them any more, the way they spoke to me made me feel smaller and smaller and smaller until on the way home I actually felt so rotten…

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Facing Reality – Life With Fibromyalgia And True Friends


Yesterday was spent chilling at home, making plans for year five of our business,, and chatting with customers… thinking about lots of ideas and new products that I would like to work on over the coming months and building new contacts to grow our business is a must.

I had a Fibro tantrum in the afternoon but it will not keep me down… I have heat pads for my hip pain, magnesium spray for my cramping legs and prescription medications to manage it all. It is true what they say “I may have Fibromyalgia but Fibromyalgia does not have me” – I will not let this drag me down, I refuse to let an illness rule my life.

Fibro slows me down

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in February 2014 after many years of symptoms, it is something which I always thought that I was too young to have. I always assumed that doctors would diagnose my problem and provide a cure. Sadly I was wrong, Fibromyalgia has no cure. This illness is something which is managed by long term medications and exercise, changes in diet can also help.

I dont look sick

What are the symptoms of Fibromyalgia? Symptoms can vary from person to person, some people have more symptoms than others where other people have an extended list of symptoms which also affect existing illnesses. The symptoms I suffer from include:

* Headaches
* Pain and pins/needles/numbness in hands and fingers
* Pain in shoulders, arms and wrists
* Restless Leg Syndrome – especially at night
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
* Insomnia – disturbed and restless sleep
* Back pain
* Hip pain
* Knee pain – knees regularly ‘give’ way
* Ankle pain – ankles regularly ‘give’ way
* Brain fog – memory problems, issues forming sentences, general ‘fuzziness’
* Depression
* Anxiety

There are days where I need to rest and use my stick to get around, but I’m starting to realise that if I take it easy for a day or two then the Fibro flares don’t last as long and I can get back to normality sooner.

Real Woman

Just lately I have done a lot of thinking, I have been looking at the people who surround me… I have so many wonderful friends who I value and know that they are always there for me when I need support, need someone to talk to or just need a friend.

I have realised just who I can and cannot trust… friendships and relationships come and go but in time we realise just who really matters in our lives.
I have had many friendships over the years which have ended for various reasons, not all of these were genuine friendships, in that people were only interested in what they could gain or how I could help them… I now know that I do not need this sort of person in my life.

You will only get the chance to walk all over me once – people need to realise that I am not just here for their personal gain and I won’t keep letting you come back to do it again.

True Friends

I have some very important, special and valued people in my life who know me, support me and understand my illness and other aspects of my life and past… those are the people who matter to me.

I have friends who have similar backgrounds to myself, friends with the same health issues as me, friends whose lives are polar opposite to me but at the end of the day we are always there for each other and will always help each other where we can.

Life is about living for the present, not living in the past… follow your dreams and reach for the stars, never let someone else bring you down. Stay positive and remember that true friends are always there for you.


Ten things you shouldn’t say when pricing handmade items


Very interesting blog post and definitely worth a read :-)

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Fascinator by Janine Basil by Janine Basil

I’ve been giving advice this week on pricing handmade items for selling. Not on purpose, just because it’s cropped up a couple of times. Working in a shop where people sell handmade items means it’s something which is bound to come up.

When I started selling handmade items, advice was thin on the ground. I tried reading some things online, but never really had someone to talk to in person. I also didn’t realise that my lack of knowledge was holding back my business, because people were bitching about me not being able to price properly behind my back, instead of just telling me what I was doing wrong, and I was missing opportunities.

This is why when I now…

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