Badger’s Woodcrafts News!!

We have been receiving enquiries recently asking if Gordon Quick has gone back to woodworking so we want to clarify this situation with you.

Badger’s Woodcrafts is a part of the Buzzworx and Cards And Candles For All Occasions family and is owned and run by Dan Williams.

From here forward all work displayed relating to Badger’s Woodcrafts will be handcrafted by Dan and is available through

Gordon now owns and runs Gordon Hugh’s Photography and is not connected to Badger’s Woodcrafts.

So with all that being said, I would like to share with you all our updated design for our handcrafted wooden peg looms.


Our peg looms are available in lots of sizes and can be shipped throughout the UK.

You can visit our website at or join us on Facebook at Badger’s Woodcrafts🙂

#HugsForNoah has been on Channel5!!


Tonight we watched Channel 5’s Extraordinary People: The Boy With No Brain – an amazing programme about a truly dedicated and inspiring family who we are proud to call our friends.

The programme gave a very inspiring insight into daily life for Noah from pre-birth until his fourth birthday, showing his progress and the lengths his family go to in order to create the best possible quality of life for him and to raise as much awareness as possible about Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

It is clear to see from the documentary footage just how brave Noah is, no matter what obstacles are put in front of him he will face them head on with a huge, infectious smile.

You will see that there were several medical professionals included in this programme who each gave their views and opinions on Noah’s case.

Clearly each child with these conditions are different as is the progress they make through life, this is something also explained by the medical profession and they also go into detail about the ‘growth’ of Noah’s brain, potential reasons, etc.

Nobody has ever stated that Noah has no brain, since he was born it has been common knowledge that only 2% of his brain was showing which by the age of three years had ‘grown’ to 80% which I am sure anyone would agree is superb.

The documentary also features another little boy too with is own very interesting and emotional story… the other child’s problem is not Spina Bifida or Hydrocephalus related.

We are so proud of Noah and his family, proud to have them in our lives and be able to call them our friends.

We love you lots and lots Noah, you really are a superstar!!! ❤ 💛 💙 💜 💚

Sending you all lots of love and hugs, you did amazing!!!!! ✨✨✨

You can follow Noah’s story and support him by visiting Hugsfornoah here on Facebook or his website at

Love Laura and Dan xxxxx

MarkThreeMedia #TheBoyWithNoBrain #HugsForNoah


As anyone who follows our blog will know, we have always been massive supporters of HugsForNoah… Noah’s mummy was a friend of ours way before her pregnancy with Noah so we have followed this journey from the very beginning.

Little Noah was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and was not expected to survive birth as the medical professions thought his illness too severe and his parents were advised to plan his funeral while Noah was still in the womb. Noah has exceeded all expectations and is now four years old and continues to amaze everyone with his progress.


His story has been recorded by Mark Three Media to show the advances his health has made, along with the intensive work his family put in to make his life the best it can possibly be. The documentary will follow every day life in Noah’s family along with a few surprises along the way.

I don’t know about YOU but WE cannot wait to see Noah on television… he is a true miracle baby, an inspirational little boy who is growing into an amazing and intelligent young man who is a pleasure to have in our lives.

Noah has an amazing family and support network, without whom he would not be the fantastic little boy he is. Noah we love you very very much❤


📺 Set your tv recorders to RECORD “Extraordinary People: The Boy With No Brain” on Channel 5 at 10:00pm on Tuesday 11th October 2016 to make sure you don’t miss this fantastic programme showing Noah’s resilience and amazing progress!!! 📺



Of course, the haters are going to hate… the family have already received some very nasty and uncalled for messages from people who ‘claim’ to understand what they are going through. People who claim that the television programme has been inaccurately named – the name “Extraordinary People: The Boy With No Brain” was NOT chosen by the family.

The point of Noah’s documentary is to outline the complexity of his health problems, the fantastic development he continues to make each day and everything his family does to help him to lead the best possible life. Noah was born with only 2% of his brain showing on hospital scans and in July 2015 an MRI scan showed is brain had developed to almost ‘normal’ which is a remarkable progression.

Even before the programme has been aired, the family have been accused of scaremongering which is exactly the opposite of what the programme is intended to do… the programme (which has not yet been aired, and I have not yet seen) will show the story of Noah’s life with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, explaining that prior to Noah’s birth his family were advised that he would not survive, they were advised by medical professionals that if their son did survive he would be severely disabled however Noah goes on to inspire and amaze both his family, friends and the medical professionals with the progress he continues to make.

Just remember, this little boy and his family mean the world to us so the minute you upset them you are also upsetting us along with their many thousands of supporters.

Surely everyone should be looking at the positivity and awareness which will come from sharing Noah’s story?

Look at how this FACTUAL programme covers all aspects of Noah’s health including input from medical professionals across the country!!

This is a story of hope and positivity. This story shows that regardless of the diagnosis or outlook you are given, with love, commitment, support and determination anything is possible!!!

Customer Commissioned Orders – 8×8 Birthday Cards

One of our regular customers recently contacted us for a selection of handcrafted birthday cards which were to be eight inch square in size, each with a very specific theme.

Each card has an personal message on the insert and has been designed and crafted to our customers requirements.



We hope you like these designs and if you are interested in looking at more of our work, or would like to discuss the design of a greetings or keepsake card to your requirements then we would love to hear from you🙂

You can find us on Facebook

Or visit our Website

Wordless Wednesday – Handcrafted 8x8inch Greetings Cards






Handcrafted Exploding Box Keepsake – Special Memories

One of our lovely regular customers recently contacted me looking for something special to give to her Mum who is terminally ill.

She was looking for a handcrafted exploding box keepsake which could incorporate some of her Mum’s special holiday destinations, favourite musicians, tv programmes, etc so we decided that the twelve internal sides of the exploding box would have photographs of each of her Mum’s likes including her favourite flowers, cream tea, cruise ship holidays and a photograph of her great-grandsons.

The recipient is a lover of cream tea and loves to bake cakes for her family, hence our chosen centre piece of cup and saucer (she only drinks from a china cup and saucer, no mugs for this lady!).


Our customer received her order yesterday and is over the moon with the finished piece, so I just hope that her Mum loves it too 💖

I am quite pleased with how this keepsake has turned out and would love to hear your feedback.

xxx Laura xxx

Happy Post – Little Rainbow Moon

There is a mixed media artist who I have been following on Etsy and Facebook for some time now… the style of their work is so well suited to my own art journaling techniques (although she is far better than me) and they sell a range of planner and journaling stickers and accessories. The shop is Little Rainbow Moon 💖

When I discovered that Little Rainbow Moon has started selling Monthly Subscription Boxes I was absolutely gutted that I had missed the July box as this had an arrows and feathers theme… anyone who knows me will know of my love (or is it obsession?) anything feather or wings related, so when Jo announced that the items would be available in her Etsy shop individually, needless to say I was sitting there waiting for them to be loaded and checked those items out instantly just to make sure that I didn’t miss out!!

So my order has arrived and here it is… I love everything about it and can’t wait to order more of Little Rainbow Moon’s goodies!!!


First of all we have this gorgeous Personal Size Planner Sticker Set – I love the theme, the artwork is beautiful and dreamcatchers are something I have always had around me so this kit really speaks to me and I can’t wait to use it.


Of course I then added to my shopping basket the Feather and Arrow Ephemera pack which I am over the moon with, there are so many pieces in this pack that I can’t wait to start using them in my journals and planners.


I also purchased a co-ordinating “Dare To Dream” dashboard for my Travelers Notebook – this is the first TN dashboard which I have bought so other than it looking pretty, I’m not sure if I’ll use it for anything else. My dashboards in my planners have my page flags, post its, etc on them but those are not really needed in my travelers notebook.



Even although I said I was only going to buy items from the Feather and Arrows kit this month, I couldn’t help adding in a few extras!! Jo’s work has a very addictive quality – once you start collecting her work, I really don’t think you can stop lol.

I love the quote on this Butterfly Tag, and like feathers, wings and dreamcatchers, I also have a love of butterflies as they have some personal significance to me and are just so beautiful and elegant. In this photo also shows the Journaling/Planning Word Stickers – the colours are gorgeous!!


The Rainbow Ephemera pack is also fantastic value for money and such pretty artwork, they are perfect for adding a little colour to any project you’re working on and I can already think of lots of ways of using them.


As you will have worked out by now, I also love using quotes in my work so the set of Quote Cards from Little Rainbow Moon were an obvious choice for my journaling – so many great quotes and lovely backgrounds to choose from🙂


Lastly, I couldn’t go shopping on such a fab Etsy shop without feeding my Washi Tape addiction lol… I have another set of three Washi Tapes to come but here is the haul so far 😂



Lastly, I have pre-ordered my August and September Mystery Kits and if the goodies which I’ve already got are anything to go by then I can’t wait for them to arrive.

Don’t forget to pop over to Little Rainbow Moon on Etsy to see more of their fab work and treat yourself to something pretty.

xxx Love Laura xxx