Just Another Manic Monday


Here we are… Monday again… time passes yet the ‘to do’ list doesn’t get any shorter!!

Anyway, we’ve got lots to do in the next two weeks but I’ve decided to split our big order down into more manageable sized sections otherwise I don’t think I’ll ever get through it. Also got a couple of smaller orders that came through at the weekend so need to crack on with those.

To summarise our to-do list for the next few days, we have got to:

* Finish and post a baby blanket

* Finish and post a mothers day card and two birthday cards (same customer)

* Finish and post an anniversary bookatrix keepsake card (awaiting payment!!)

* Package and sort out all ‘stock’ cards which have been made then stock take to see what else needs done for the forthcoming craft fairs.

* Make six pagan/spiritual/gothic anniversary cards

* Make one pagan/spiritual/gothic birthday card

* Make six pagan/spiritual/gothic congratulations cards

* Make four pagan/spiritual/gothic sympathy cards

* Make six pagan/spiritual/gothic Easter cards

* Make six pagan/spiritual/gothic Fathers Day cards

* Make three pagan/spiritual/gothic get well soon cards

* Make five pagan/spiritual/gothic good luck cards

* Make four pagan/spiritual/gothic new baby cards (two boy and two girl)

* Make five pagan/spiritual/gothic retirement cards

* Make three pagan/spiritual/gothic thank you cards

* Make five pagan/spiritual/gothic wedding cards

On top of all of this we need to sort out more advertising for the craft fair on 29th March 2009, parcel up a few things and get those sent off (family birthday cards, pressies, etc), start working on hubby’s birthday present, try to get hubby back on his feet so he can work on his candle orders otherwise I’ll end up taking over that as well which I really don’t want to do!!

At the moment I’m looking for the recipe to 48 hour days or else the “how to stay awake for days on end” and “no sleep survival guide” … so much to be doing and I just don’t know how I’m supposed to manage to get it all done!!! Noth to worry, better to be busy than have nothing to do!!


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