Exploring a Less Fearsome Coral World in St. Thomas


What an awesome experience – I’d love to do this but my inability to swim makes the option pretty impossible.

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Coral World, St. Thomas, USVI

I can’t breathe. I can’t get my breath. There’s too much air; it’s choking me. I can’t get back to the surface. What do I do? The weights are too heavy. I’m going to drown… I’m sorry, Athena. Mommy can’t come home to you. I’m not going to make it this time. I’ve failed.

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It’s All About Handcrafted Candles


We love handcrafted candles… do you?

Visit http://www.cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk to see more :)

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Some people love candles.

Some people hate candles.

Some people think candles are only for birthdays and special occasions.

Cards And Candles For All Occasions love candles and have them lit most days.

Candles are perfect for celebrations or for creating a peaceful, romantic or relaxing atmosphere.

Many people light candles in celebration of the life of a loved one who has passed away.

Gordon at Cards And Candles For All Occasions works to create a range of handcrafted candles from natural ecosoy wax.

Ecosoy wax has many properties which make it the preferential choice over paraffin wax, including a lower burning temperature, less smokey so better for those with breathing problems (eg. Asthma) and if ecosoy wax is spilled it can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Our main aim is to create enviromentally friendly, affordable and unique handcrafted candles.

Our range of handcrafted candles can be seen…

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MeToYou Hand-wrapped Gift Basket


Did you know that we can create themed gift baskets to suit your requirements? Email us at admin@cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk

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Do you have a birthday or special occasion coming up? Perhaps you just want to show someone how much they mean to you?

In that case, now is the time to consider a bespoke gift basket by Cards And Candles For All Occasions.

We were recently asked for a Me To You themed gift basket, for no particular occasion other than to show someone how important they are to the sender.

This gift basket contains:

Me To You Gift Cake
Me To You Mini Canvas
Me To You Photograph Frame
Me To You Magnetic Bookmark
Me To You Cosmetic Emery Boards
Me To You Hanging Cushion
Me To You Phone/Mp3 Sock
Handcrafted wooden tealight holder
Handcrafted ecosoy tealight candles
Me To You Teddy “A Little Hug From Me To You”


These gifts were then arranged in a wicker basket which can also be used as storage or decoration in…

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Badger’s Woodcrafts – Hairband Display Stand

We have been ever so busy here at Badger’s Woodcrafts HQ, now we have finally moved into a unit rather than working in our back garden we are far more productive.

We are proud to tell you that we are now sharing premises with Buzzworx, Cards And Candles For All Occasions and Kelly’s Enchanted Castle.

We were recently asked by Kelly’s Enchanted Castle if we could design and make a bespoke headband/hairband display stand for their range of hand made hair accessories and as we are hoping to expand our product range to include display and storage solutions for crafters, this was something we were eager to get to work on.

Kelly’s Enchanted Castle Website

The only things which were set in stone with regards to this order were that one rail needed to fixed for stability and to display alice bands and the other needed to be removable to add the crochet headbands for display. After chatting over designs and styles with Kelly and sketching out some ideas, we unveiled the finished piece on Friday and everyone seems very happy with the result.

This display stand is thirty inches in length, the bottom ‘alice band’ rail has been covered with a velvet fabric, while the top removable ‘headband’ rail has been painted in a purple acrylic paint.

Badger’s Woodcrafts on Facebook

Badger’s Woodcrafts Website

These stands can be made in any length to suit your requirements and we would be happy to discuss the size of display you require.

Kelly couldn’t wait to try out her completed display stand and here it is with a few of her handmade hair accessories to show the structure.

Price for this item is dependant on size, please email us at info@badgerswoodcrafts.co.uk to discuss.

BW Hairband Stand

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Are you looking for someone who is an expert in the field of custom camper and van conversions and maintenance? Perhaps you are looking for some carpentry, joinery or vinyl sign-writing work to be done? Would decals for your business displayed on your vehicle help to boost your business? Or maybe you even have the vehicle you want, the in-car entertainment you’d like but are looking for someone to install it for you? For any of these needs, then look no further than www.buzz-worx.co.uk where a talented team of hardworking enthusiasts will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Wordless Wednesday – 4th June 2014

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Wordless Wednesday – Frozen Inpired

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Getting Stuck

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In childhood, there are moments that define us. For some, science projects. Or building a Pinewood Derby car with your dad. For me, many of my most vivid memories center around getting stuck.

I love being outdoors. When I see a tree, my eyes scan it like a hunter. Looking at the proximity of the branches. Figuring out footholds. My fingers yearning to press into the bark. As a kid, climbing trees freed me. I was always tall, but trees gave me more. Solid, fresh-scented pillars of strength touching the sky.


Branches scraped my legs and leaves tangled in my hair as I fought my way up. And I knew there’d be trouble. With each tree, I found the point of no return, and I passed it. Because I could climb up, but I became seized with terror at the thought of getting back down.

Each time I’d reach the pinnacle…

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