CACFAO – Work In Progress Sneaky Peek

We are currently working on an epic sized version of one of our current products – it’s one of our exploding boxes, which as standard are four inch cubes, this one is 12x12x12inches :O

Today I thought I would show you a sneaky peek of the main structure, showing our pc monitor for scale… it’s HUGE!!

So here we have it… sneak peek of our current work in progress, we still have lots to do on this order and as you can imagine it’s taking a while, but I think it’s going to be awesome when it’s completed ❤

Our standard exploding box keepsakes are four inch cubes… after a lot of thought and discussions with our customer, this one is going to be TWELVE INCHES, so when it opens out it will be three feet in each direction. Just WOW!

This customer commissioned order is turning out to be more of an “exploding scrapbook” than an exploding box and so far has been four weeks in the making, but should be completed very soon.

Once this order is fully completed and delivered to it’s recipient we will be sharing photographs, and if things go to plan I hope to also share a video of the box opening to show how our exploding boxes ‘work’ so watch this space!

You can follow us on Facebook for extra sneaky peeks and other news along the way 🙂

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