We’ve Launched A New Shop!!

Good morning all, thank you for visiting our blog today where we are excited to share some fab news with you all!!

We have opened a new store on the www.consciouscrafties.com website… this website is a place where you can find amazing work by some incredibly talented individuals.

Conscious Crafties is an online craft marketplace and support community for creative people living with Chronic Illness, Chronic Health Conditions, Disability or Caring for love ones affected. Conscious Crafties is a fabulous website and group supporting small craft based business owners to live a life of passion and purpose, even when faced with daily challenges.

As some of you may know I spend my days fighting Fibromyalgia, Depression and Anxiety whilst running my own business www.cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk and I find crafting to be a great therapy in managing my mental health. Not only does crafting allow me to express myself through my work, it also gives me the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. The craft world is an amazing community.

The Conscious Crafties website has so many wonderful, talented crafters all of whom are fighting their own battles, either through illness or caring for a loved one with health problems. You can find all manner of amazing handcrafted items on the website, and each time you order you make a crafter do a little happy dance, helping us to realise that we may have a health condition, but that condition does not have us! We are worthy of being small businesses and we can create beautiful items ❤

We would love you to pop over and visit our Cards And Candles For All Occasions store on Conscious Crafties and show some love to these amazing crafters who are all incredibly talented beyond their challenges ❤

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