We Do Not Support Sexism – Anywhere!!


As a UK based, small business which progressed from a hobby to our full time jobs (yes I did say “our” – husband and wife ), we are proud to support ALL small businesses whether male or female run.

In our opinion sexuality stands for nothing when it comes to running a business. Running a business is about commitment and skill, knowledge of your product and customer base, marketing and putting time into doing what you love!!

We are proud to support UK small businesses of all genders, locations and varieties… we are proud to be a part of many fabulous networking pages including Craftymakers, Networking Angels and I Run A Small Business.

As many of you will be aware, today there has been an outcry after a message was posted on the home page of the UK Small Business Directory.

Please note: This is a serious website for serious men with serious businesses.

If you are just a little housewife running a little play business from home earning some pin money whilst your other half is out earning a living – please don’t register your latest hobby business here.

Regards, Terry

UK Small Business Directory Screenprint 05022014

Cards And Candles For All Occasions would like to make it clear that we do not support this website nor it’s views and we are never likely to support such views which we feel show an attitude of sexism, chauvinism and arrogance.

Whether this has been a publicity stunt gone wrong, an in-house joke or whatever other excuse will no doubt be given, I am appalled that after several people complained to the owner of the site about this message, he made the decision to leave it on his site and visible to many thousands of people.

We will NEVER be associated with any website/group/person who has a derogatory view on any group of business people.

Life is about equality whether it be circumstances surrounding personal, employment or business. Let’s all stand together and be proud of what we are achieving!!!

Life Lessons

If you are looking for honest, friendly and helpful business networking sites why not pop over to Facebook and join these fabulous pages:

Crafty Makers on Facebook

Networking Angels on Facebook

I Run A Small Business on Facebook

Remember one thing… all small businesses have got to where they are through hard work and determination, so continue to support one another and working in the industry that YOU enjoy!!

Lots of love to you all
xxx from Laura and Gordon xxx

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Cards And Candles For All Occasions on Twitter

P.S. Terry… thank you, you have succeeded in bringing the small business community closer together, brought many business owners together in their stand against UKSBD and united many people who do what they do because it is a passion!! I seem to think that you, Terry, are the one who will lose out from all of this.

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