Today is a Planner Day!!! #PlannerAddict

Cards And Candles For All Occasions has re-opened today after two weeks annual leave and the first thing on the agenda is planning. I need to plan the next few weeks for the business and get everything set up so that we know where we are.

Firstly, we have my MAMBI Happy Planner which has pretty much everything in it… this stays on my desk so that me and my partner know exactly what’s happening without having to look for my individual personal and business planners.

This is my weekly layout in my personal planner for week commencing 18th July 2016. The stickers you see here are by two different Etsy stores which are:

Ugly Bug Does

The Geeky Planner

HP layout wc 18072016

I have recently decided to set up a Christmas planner after joining the “Christmas Planner Addicts” group on Facebook and purchased a gorgeous red personal sized planner from Paperchase for just £4.75 complete with dividers and inserts – a perfect bargain for planning Christmas on a budget!!!

Paperchase Christmas Planner (1)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (2)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (3)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (4)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (5)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (6)

Paperchase Christmas Planner (7)

And of course, as fellow planner addicts will know, a new planner needs new accessories so I shopped around and found this lovely Christmas Mystery Kit from My Unicorn Planner which includes some beautiful planner clips and this Christmas tree journalling card. I highly recommend this shop to any planners out there 😀

My Unicorn Planner

Next I decided that I needed some new stationery so I browsed Etsy and found a Mystery Stationery Box from The Delightful Unicorn which arrived this morning and I love, even some retro sweeties as a treat.

The Delightful Unicorn

On the “Christmas Planner Addict” group on Facebook, I recently entered a RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) giveaway for a selection of Christmas washi tape samples and was lucky enough to win these, from the lovely Rosie Meer – another little bit of Happy Mail to arrive this morning 🙂

Xmas Washi Sample from Rosie Meer

Lastly, I sorted through my sticker stash and found a few Christmas stickers to add to my Christmas planner supplies so here they are:

Winter Stickers

So this is my ‘everything’ planner and what I’ve got for setting up my Christmas planner.

My next post will be my newly set up Business Planner 🙂



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