Planner Day with My Bestie

This was our first official “planner day” and I’m sure there will be many more to come. My mood and pain trackers from The Geeky Planner are helping me track my Fibromyalgia and I’m finding my whole planner experience really helpful, especially on those days when Fibro-fog strikes!!!

My Planner and Crafting Journey

Hello again all

Well it is approx 2:00am here as I am writing this and I can not sleep due to a IBS flare, but enough about that I thought I best do this post as I was supposed to have done it yesterday (4/5/16)

Well in one of my earlier blog posts I mentioned my best friend had introduced me to planners especially the Happy Planner, well we always have days together crafting so we had arranged to have a Planner and Chill Day… So as you can imagine it was planner heaven lol.

My best friend has been using planners a little longer than me so her collection is more than mine, I only have my Happy Planner and now my Webster’s Personal… So the day started off with a chat and giggle a bit of you tube and then we got to playing with our planners. First…

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