Crafty Today: Valentine Curly Paper Wreath

How awesome is this – love this idea, just a shame that I’ve nowhere to put it!!!

Crafted Living

Love it! Love it!

I love Valentine’s Day because of the imagery, colors and what it represents, but not the commercialization of it.  Since the inception of this blog, I have created a few projects to decorate my home: punched heart garlands, LOVE garland and ornament-filled cloche.  I finally have a decoration to adorn my front porch and it is this curly paper wreath.  I love this project!  You need the following tools and supplies to create it:

  • 6-7 sheets of patterned paper
  • foam wreath
  • small stick pins
  • bone folder

Cut the paper into 1/2″ strips.  Curl all of the strips using the bone folder like curling ribbon with a pair of scissors. Attach the curly strips to the wreath with pins.

I pinned this tutorial video to my Pinterest board and it really is that simple.  A great way to use your favorite paper that you want to see…

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