Happy Fathers Day 2015

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful Dad, I love you very very much!!

I wanted something unique and personal to send my Dad for Fathers Day, he is always there for me through everything in my life and I want him to know how much I appreciate him.

I decided to contact Melody Moo with an idea of what I wanted… I wanted a unique drawing incorporating my Dad’s Mazda MX-5, his Eriba Puck caravan and the background I wanted to be based around Lochy Holiday Park in Fort William… this is what Melody came up with for me and I love it!!

FAthers Day 1

Then I saw this from Handmade With Love Designs and just had to buy it lol.

Fathers Day 2

And to complete Dad’s Fathers Day gifts I handcrafted a greetings card for him:

Fathers Day 2015 (2)
Fathers Day 2015 (1)

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad, both my Grandpa’s in Heaven and all other Dads, Stepdads, Grandads and Father figures 🙂


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