Dignity In Dying

Dignity In Dying

“An assisted dying law would not result in more people dying, but in fewer people suffering” – I truly believe this to be true.

So many people would have less suffering if they were allowed to die with dignity, I know that assisted suicide, etc are incredibly controversial subjects BUT people need to remember that animals are not allowed to suffer, their suffering is eased when it comes to that time so surely we should take note of this and consider it for the people in the world too?

“‎Dignity In Dying”‬ is something I feel very strongly about – I have seen people suffer from many illnesses including various forms of ‪‎Cancer‬, ‪‎Parkinsons Disease‬ and Alzheimers‬ to name a few.

I follow a lovely family here on Facebook who are currently dealing with ‪‎Motor Neurone Disease‬ and the effects of this on the individual and also their family.

I have often thought about how I would feel if I were in any of those situations – would I want my life to drag out knowing that I was terminally ill? Would I want to prolong my death while knowing that I was a burden on my family and whilst caring for me that they were having to put their own lives on hold? Would I want to be ‘there’ mentally while everything about my physical being was failing, or vice-versa… my mental state was failing and I had no idea who I was, where I was or what was going on around me?

No!! I would want someone to show the compassion to me that is shown to animals every day, the world through – I would want someone to help me, someone to help end my suffering, move the inevitable death closer while I was still able to say goodbye to my loved ones and share my last thoughts, moments and memories with them. I would want a DIGNIFIED passing… assisted dying should not be a crime.

We are brought up being taught about dignity and helping one another… surely in a time of desperation and need, a time when we have terminal illnesses and daily suffering, this is when dignity should be brought to the forefront???

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