Confessions of a first time craft stall holder

ah this brings back memories – we have the same scenarios before and during pretty much every event we attend. Even after five years we find that it’s still a huge learning cure. That you to Hot Doodle for sharing your experience xx

Last night I embarked on my first event withHotdoodle Handmade Crafts. Over the last couple of weeks several thoughts have run through my mind, on a loop. They have sounded very similar to this…

Will people like my stuff? What if they don’t like it? Do I have enough stock? Does this look professional? Will people buy it? What if I sell out? What if I sell nothing. Oh dear what have I let myself in for? I have no time to do all of this!!

I had done all the right things in preparation for the event. I had read lots of hints and tips with dos and don’ts, spoken to other crafters and made and remade countless lists. However, when it came down to reality, a lot of the good advice went out the window!

Here are few golden rules to follow for your first event and…

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