Badger’s Woodcrafts – Acoustic Guitar

Badger’s Woodcrafts were recently approached by a customer looking for a bespoke mdf acoustic guitar to be made as she was hoping to recreate her partners own guitar as a surprise birthday gift. The lady’s partner is the guitarist in a band so we knew that this would be a very personal project.

Gordon handcut this guitar from 18mm mdf and the customer was delighted with the result…


The guitar which was to be replicated shows signs of great use, enjoyment and personal touches – here is the “real” one:

Original to be copied

We love how this personal gift has turned out and I am sure the recipient does too… the detail which has been applied to this is fantastic and I can see it being a well appreciated keepsake đŸ™‚


If you would like to browse other products which have been handcrafted by Badger’s Woodcrafts or perhaps you have something in mind you would like Gordon to design, please pop over to our website or Facebook page and get in touch – we love to look at your ideas and create something special for you and your loved ones.

Badger’s Woodcrafts Website

Badger’s Woodcrafts on Facebook


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