Crafting For Christmas #HandmadeChristmas

It’s that time of year again… only 70 days until Christmas so it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family.

We have decided that as last years handmade Christmas gifts were so well received that we will be doing all we can to make 2013 a handmade Christmas too!!

We have lots of ideas for friends and family gifts, some of which we will make ourselves and others which we will buy from fellow crafters and small businesses.

After finishing our Cards And Candles For All Occasions work this evening I decided to make a start on a luxurious, thick and cosy crochet blanket which will be a family gift.

I’m really happy with how it is looking already after just a few hours… there is still lots more crocheting of this blanket to be done but I’m already finding this craft to be very relaxing.

I have never realised how much I missed crocheting as due to hand and wrist problems I have only been using this crafty hobby for smaller projects recently.

I love the satisfaction of completing a handcrafted project for a loved one, the pride in giving a gift which has been made with love and to see the smiles as friends and family open gifts which were made just for them 🙂

What sort of handmade gifts will you be sharing with your loved ones this Christmas?

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