Featured Business: Everlasting Crafting – Crafting for #SANDS

We recently met a lovely lady called Theresa through eBay when we were looking for baby memorial items, we were drawn to her items as she stated that for each item sold she donates a percentage of the money to UK SANDS which is a charity very close to our hearts.

The quality of Theresa’s work is beautiful and we would highly recommend popping over to her website or eBay shop when you have a few moments free for a browse. After receiving our order from Everlasting Crafting we emailed Theresa to find out if she would be interested in writing a small piece for our blog to promote her business and also increase the outreach for her SANDS products. Here is what she had to say:

I am very fortunate to have a very busy 2 year old daughter and I started crafting when I was in the latter stages of maternity leave. I had joined an NCT group and one of the group was telling us of her trauma a year or so previously when she gave birth to her first son only to say goodbye to him hours later following his neo-natal death. Fortunately, she gave birth to another son at the time I met her and now has a healthy growing bouncy boy!

I have had several other friends that have had miscarriages in the past and I was saddened by the effect that miscarriages, stillbirths and neo-natal deaths can have. My NCT friend told me about the charity SANDS and after researching them and finding how successful they are in helping bereaved parents deal with their loss, I decided to start making personalised keepsake memory bracelets with proceeds going to SANDS.

My bracelets can be found under my eBay ID: ‘everlastingcrafting’ or you can get in touch via my website http://www.everlastingcrafting.com or my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EverlastingCrafting.

You can visit Everlasting Crafting by clicking on the following links:

Everlasting Crafting on eBay

Everlasting Crafting’s website

Everlasting Crafting on Facebook

StillBirth Bracelet Box

Birth and Christening Bracelet - Pink

Birth and Christening Bracelet - White

Stillbirth Bracelet - Pink


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