#LetsFindSkittles – Mission Accomplished

Last night we posted a blog about our friends baby skunk who had been missing since Friday night.

Today, a few of us from Ikon Bodyz Modified Car Club got together to travel over to Critterish Allsorts to join the search party.

As we arrived at location, we called Critterati HQ to make sure we were in the correct place. As Nicola was on the phone to Jema (Mrs Critterish Allsorts) the most amazing thing happened – Skittles appeared in the garden.


We spent a couple of hours with Jema, Dale and their wonderful family at Critterish Manor and it was so clear to see how much Skittles had been missed and it was a pleasure to see Skittles and Stoosh reunite as well as cuddles with the baby girl who had caused all the worry.

Nicola even held Tango the snake!!!

We are all just so happy that baby Skittles is back where she belongs 😀

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