Critterish Allsorts Desperately Need YOU!!! #LetsFindSkittles #Missing #Search #Staffordshire


Do you have a sniffer/scent-tracking/tracking dog? Do you know someone in the Staffordshire area who does?

Critterish Allsorts baby skunk (Skittles) escaped from home on the evening of Friday 13th September 2013 around 11:25pm and hasn’t been seen since.

Sad sad day at Critterish Manor Last night Skittles managed to open the back door (some how – still haven’t worked it out) and get into the garden. Trouble is, like all skunks, she didnt stop there and, unsupervised, she kept walking We last saw her as she ran out of the lounge at 11pm, and 25 minutes later she was gone. I have been out searching ever since, with torch and friends, and not even a clue or a sign. Please please (especially if you are in Armitage / Rugeley / Lichfield or Staffs in general) SHARE this post. We are all deeply upset and mortified to have lost our family pet, and she is only 18 weeks old so still a baby, and does not need to be out in current weather conditions. We fear for her safety and for her well being – please let us know of any sightings or other news, so that we can follow it up – they can walk a very long distance in one night foraging, so it is not beyond reason for her to be miles away by now. But we are hoping that because of her attachment to Stoosh she has stayed close. Police, RSPCA and all local vets have been notified. Please help us – I am beside myself with worry and guilt, because I have let my beautiful Skittles down,let my wife and children down, and let you guys down. I am so sorry to bring such awful news to the page đŸ˜¦

Skittles is just an eighteen week old baby so everyone is very worried about her welfare, not to mention Stoosh (her Critterish Allsorts sister skunk) who is missing her baby sister!!

We need to help find baby Skittles and get her home before her venture has any negative effect on either Skittles or Stoosh!!

Look out in your garden’s too for Skittles poop – I know it sounds very disgusting, but skunk poo is quite distinctive. It has a fruity tangy smell, which you will generally smell before you see it, its quite moist when fresh and will have seed and bits of indigestible plant in there too – it will stick out as unusual. Their wee has a similar smell to marijuana, and again is something that you smell first and foremost – so much so that Skittles has sparked security alerts when visiting people for therapy sessions !!!

Can you or someone you know help in the search to find Skittles??? Get in touch asap or pop over to Critterish Allsorts page for more details!!!

Please if you have already checked your garden, out buildings etc, for Skittles Critterish Allsorts Skunk please check again, and then again as you go to bed, and then again when you wake up in the middle of the night. Skunks are naturally nocturnal and hole up during the day. Thankyou all so much for your overwhelming support. True friendship can blossom from those you have never met, as well as those you have. Critterati, I love you all – thankyou

This really is an urgent request… PLEASE SHARE!!!

With the power of SOCIAL MEDIA we can get the word of missing baby skunk Skittles far and wide, we can and will get as many search parties together as we can and we WILL do our best to get Skittles home where she belongs!!

If you can help please get in touch with Dale at Critterish Allsorts as soon as possible!! Gordon and I will be going out to join in the search tomorrow (Monday 16th September 2013) so if you would like to join us or someone you know can join us to help, please get in touch asap at or if you have our phone number drop us a text/call as soon as you can.

Critterish Allsorts On Facebook

Critterish Allsorts Website

Email Critterish Allsorts at

Critterish Allsorts On Twitter

Please share this post with as many people as you can, this is an urgent and heartfelt plea to you all!!

You can see the official Critterish Allsorts “Help Find Missing Skittles” poster HERE






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