It’s happening for #HugsForNoah @Shellibobbins @DIYSOS

Proud to support Hugs For Noah - May 2013

You may remember back in August 2012 we wrote a blog post explaining about the work which needs to be done in the @Shellybobbins household and with everything they have to deal with as a family with their amazing little boy Noah #hugsfornoah we thought they deserved some help with this.

Gordon and I wrote off to the BBC’s television programme @DIYSOS but sadly we never received a reply BUT the lovely Karen and Barrie from @BFGraphics also nominated the Bobbins family for a home makeover and today we have had the most AMAZING news…

They have been accepted!!! Work begins on their house in just three weeks time and everyone is incredibly excited as this family really do deserve this life changing work to be done in their home. No other family I know of are better deserving of something so amazing. We are so happy for them and would like to do all we can to help in the process.

Shellybobbins DIYSOS screenprint

Any suppliers or tradespeople who would like to be involved in this fantastic home makeover/renovation are urged to contact Shelly as soon as possible at and all emails will be passed on to the BBC research team.

I’m sure you will all agree that this is superb news for a very well deserving family and wish them all the best with this and everything the future holds for them.

The Bobbins family with Peter

We would just like to add a little note to @Shellybobbins, @flexprogress, @MiniBobbins, @CornDollyCrafts and of course @HugsForNoah

We love you all very very much, and will always be here to do whatever we can for you, you are like family to us and we are only ever a call away. Sending you all lots of love, hugs and kisses @Badger198027 and @Eljay1980 xxxxxxxxx


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