The curious case of the missing handkerchiefs

I’m sure many people can relate to this lol.

On this subject where did these silly comments/questions come from?!

“It was in the last place I looked” – obviously because you wouldn’t carry on looking after you found it, would you?

“Where did you last see it?” – If I knew that then I’d know where it was, unless someone else moved it!

“Where did you put it last?” – again, if I knew that then it wouldn’t be lost!!

LOL… the crazy things in everyday life 🙂

Kate on Thin Ice

“Who’s had my handkerchiefs?” bellowed Him Indoors.

“Why on earth would anybody want them apart from you?” replied Her Indoors with irritation.

In the midst of all things school-run, it is never easy when an additional child in the shape of a husband shows up.

The handkerchiefs are fancy ones that he wears in his suit. They are colourful and really rather lovely.

“Who moved them into the cupboard anyway?” continued Him Indoors.

“I did because you had just thrown them on a kitchen surface and I thought they would get damaged there either by food or by the children playing with them” said Her Indoors.

Of course, Her Indoors should remember her duty is not to provoke.

“To be honest, they are your handkerchiefs and you should look after them properly!”

This went down in the manner of not well at all.

Off went Him Indoors to the shop…

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