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As some of you may be aware, here at Cards And Candles For All Occasions, Laura and Gordon are longtime supporters of a very special little boy. That little boy is Noah Wall aka BabyBobbins.

Many of our regular followers will notice that we often write posts about the beautiful baby Noah and his medical conditions, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus and Lymphoedema. Noah is the gorgeous son of a close friend of ours and we are happy to annouce that we have a new range of candles to support Noah’s new website which is Hugs For Noah – www.hugsfornoah.co.uk

Where did our “Bobbins” story begin? Well, that’s easy – it was on Twitter. We have been members of the social networking site since October 2008, somewhere we often go to chat to likeminded crafters, share ideas and look out for what’s new in the handcrafted world, but over the years we have built some very special friendships.

We first came across ShellyBobbins when she was awarded as a Small Business Sunday winner on 14th November 2010 by Theo Paphitis – we followed Shelly’s profile and began to talk. We both have a love of handcrafted, we both feel that our family comes before anything else and we have both suffered the loss of a much wanted baby. It was as though there was something which instantly *clicked* in our friendship. Shelly has been there for us through many difficult times over the years as we have been for her.

When Shelly announced her pregnancy on 26th July 2011, we were so happy for her and her family… over the moon that after their previous miscarriage, they would soon have their very own Baby Bobbins in their arms, so the news that Baby was suffering from Spina Bifida was heartbreaking to us, so we cannot even begin to imagine how Shelly, Rob, Ally and Steph were feeling, We closely followed Shelly’s pregnancy, the good days and bad and always said we would be here for her family not matter what the future held for them.

Newborn Noah

When we heard the news that beautiful baby Noah was born on 6th March 2012, breathing on his own, we were ecstatic and so began our daily vigil of logging on morning and night to check on Noah’s updates… through his days of surgery we were checking for updates every ten minutes, every day we read a new update about Noah where he was exceeding medical expectations as he continues to do so and every photograph of him brings a huge smile to our faces. Noah really is a little ray of sunshine.

Sunshine Noah

When we were asked if we would like to be involved in supporting “Hugs For Noah”, of course we accepted without hesitation – we have always said we will do anything we can to support Noah and his family, and seeing how much work they are doing to raise awareness about Folic Acid, Spina Bifida and the other problems a family with a disabled child are facing, we knew that this was something we want to be involved in.

When Shelly told us that Noah’s very own website was being launched on Wednesday 6th March 2013, Noah’s first birthday at 6:17pm, the exact time Noah was born and took his first breath, we knew instantly that we wanted to support this excellent cause… Noah’s family are already working on a range of greetings cards for his website so what could we do? That seemed obvious…

Noahs first birthday

Noah’s website is being launched on his birthday – what do we associate with birthdays? What can also be used to commemorate special occasions and to mark anniversaries? What is used in many households daily in a simple atmospheric way? Have you guessed? Yes, we’re working on a very special range of Hugs For Noah candles!!! All proceeds from our special range of Hugs For Noah candles will go directly to baby Noah to help raise funds for all of those sensory toys, household adaptions and any equipment Noah’s family will need to purchase to help make Noah’s life a little easier and in time help him to gain that little independence.

Birthday Boy

Our range of Hugs For Noah candles are available at http://www.cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk/hugs-for-noah

Cards And Candles For All Occasions are delighted to be supporting Hugs For Noah and will always do what we can to support this inspirational family in whatever way we can, whether that be big or small, we will do whatever it takes to help make life for Noah and his family that little bit easier.

Hugs For Noah Candles

Please visit http://www.hugsfornoah.co.uk and show your support!!

You can also visit http://www.gofolic.co.uk to read more about the information and concerns that Hugs For Noah is working to raise awareness of… Folic Acid *can* help to prevent birth defects – whether you are planning a pregnancy or simply having unprotected sex where you may intentionally or accidentally fall pregnant, you should be taking Folic Acid which is readily available to purchase in pharmacies, supermarkets and health stores at a very reasonable price. Be aware and don’t take chances!!

Noah's Go Folic Advert

Noah in the press

Noah is such a little star, he has been through so much in his short life so far and has overcome so many obstacles but every day he continues to show us his beautiful smile and remind us that whatever we are going through in life, a smile can lift your mood so much.

We have not been lucky enough to meet Noah in person yet, though have spoken lots online and on the phone but I find it truly amazing that we can feel so much of a connection and so protective of a little boy we have never met. I don’t know how you can love a little boy you’ve never met quite so much but I can honestly say that we love Noah so very very much and cannot wait until the day we meet Noah and his family in person.

Noah, you are always in our heart and thoughts and we love you very very much. If you ever need us we shall be there for you. You are an amazing little boy and it is an honour to be a part of your life. All of our love, today, tomorrow and always, love from Laura and Gordon xxxxxx


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