Featured Business: Steph’s Special Deliveries

1. Who are you and what is the name of your business?

Stephanie Brown. Steph’s Special Deliveries

2. What is your craft and how did you first become involved/interested in crafting?

My craft in a way is nappy cakes – I try to make a difference to my nappy cakes by making baby nappies, products and baby clothing into cakes and different forms e.g. motorbikes, cribs, cupcakes. I have even tried a nappy cup with nappies coffee mugs etc. Many years ago I became interested in card making and scrapbooking.

3. Where do you find your inspiration for your work?

My american friend

4. What made/inspired you to start your crafts business? What did you do before?

I felt that I had found a loop hole in the baby gifts department. As a mum of 2 under 4 and when expecting my second child I found a lot of friends and family asking me what I would like. I found myself asking for nappies, wipes and bath products to have them look as me and say I’m not buying you a pack of nappies. When I talked to a friend from America she introducted me to nappy cakes, and showed me photos from her baby shower, I then took these ideas and hunted online to see if there was anything like that out there here in the UK. I talked to friends and family about what they would have liked as baby gifts and they loved my ideas. I try to make mine different from rest on the market allowing people to customise there gifts and adding a special treat in for the parents as well as the new baby. Before I ventured down this line I was a deputy manager at a day nursery and had a hobby in card making and photography.

5. Can your customers have something personal created by you? Or are your items “stock only”?

My items are all made to order. I hold lttle to no stock, so all creations are made fresh and to all of the cutomers wishes e.g. they can choose nappy range, product range etc. Items can even be personalised if and when needed. I also make themed hampers and towel cakes ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

6. Do you have a favourite item/range out of all your crafted items?
I love all my creations equally as I know they will be all 100% uselful to the new parents. Although at the moment I am loving creating baby socks into little flowers to add a little extra touch.

7. Where/how do you sell your items? Do you have a website/blog where we can see your work?

8. If you could change one thing about your crafts business, what would it be?
I would not like to change anything, I love being able to create all items with love and knowing exactly who they are going to. Each creation is made with great thought and consideration

9. What are your plans for your future within the crafting world?
I would love to be able to provide more to customers e.g. items for baby showers/ favours etc

eggcelent suprise

silver wedding towel cake

Nappy gift train

nappy cot

hen night hamper


We would like to thank Stephanie for taking the time to share a little about her business with us.

If you would like to be a featured business on our blog, please email us at info@cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk

xxx Laura and Gordon xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions


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