2013 – A New Year, A Time To Get Organised

As we are sitting here at the beginning of a new year, we have decided that it’s about time that Cards And Candles For All Occasions HQ gets organised.

We have started to get ourselves organised by choosing a couple of diaries, notebooks and calendars to start getting everything down in black and white, thus stopping any double-bookings or missed appointments, so far we have:

A pocket diary in my handbag with doctors and hospital appointments, events, etc in.

Then have an A5 diary for keeping track of events, appointments and day to day things, AND then an A4 diary on my desk with everything in.

We have one calendar which is being used to keep track of birthdays and a second “organiser calendar” which is being used for noting down bills – when they are due to be paid/are paid, insurance renewals and all of the financial side of things.

We really need tostart writing things down instead of trying to keep it all in my head as I really think this contributes to insomnia which has a knock on effect on productivity.

So we have an A4 notebook for customer enquiries and a smaller notebook for jotting down new product ideas, potential suppliers and customisation ideas.

I also want to improve my website and Etsy shops – update stock, tidy them up, photograph and upload all of our products which aren’t online yet.

Of course, networking is essential – need to get better at FB and Twitter for the business.

Want to try to do more events, craft fairs, etc throughout 2013 and get our name ‘out there’.

We have lots of new product ideas for Cards And Candles For All Occasions and Badger’s Woodcrafts which include wedding stationery, games and lots more.

The major thing for me is sorting out our workspaces, as since moving house in November 2012, everything is very chaotic and not the slightest bit organised – think I need to properly sort out my workspace, go through all the boxes of materials and stock, perhaps invest in more shelving and generally sort out the chaos to hopefully increase the productivity and improve my mindset.

So how are you going to be more productive in 2013? How do you keep your home and work life organised?

Hope that whatever you’re okans are for 2013 that you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous year!!

Lots of love, Laura and Gordon Quick

Badger’s Woodcrafts

Cards And Candles For All Occasions


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