BabyBobbins… little miracle needs YOU!!

Newborn Noah

Some of you may already be aware of the little boy who is an absolutely miracle… baby Noah. Some of you may have no idea who I am referring to. Whether or not you know of Noah’s story, I would urge you to read on and help us to raise awareness of Noah’s needs.

On 6th March 2012, Noah was born… during pregnancy his mummy and daddy were told he would have some serious health problems and the outlook for this little boy was not very positive, but against all odds he is here today, proving people in the medical professions wrong and showing what a little fighter he is.

Noah was born with Spina Bifida and at just two days old he had to have major surgery to close the wound on his back. Noah also had to have a shunt fitted for his Hydrocephalus. Despite all of this, Noah continued to fight and to show just how strong he is.

Noah has shown so many signs of fantastic progress, moving his legs and following lights, smiling, watching his own feet and moving about on his tummy – all things the doctors told his mummy and daddy would never happen. Noah is a true miracle baby!!

Sunshine Noah

There are still a lot of things for Noah’s family to face, including more tests in hospital today to find out if his bladder is functioning properly… we all have faith that he won’t need to be cathetarised but the doctors need to check!!

Due to Noah’s disabilities, their family home will need many adaptions and features added/changed – this is something which is going to have a huge financial impact and if the funding cannot be raised to carry out this work on their home it will have a negative effect on their family life.

We are hoping that the BBC’s DIY:SOS will be willing to get on board to help baby Noah and adapt their family home to somewhere which will be suitable for them in the longterm as well as just now. This is where we need YOUR support… we need to get a media campaign going to alert the BBC of this very deserving cause and to do what we can to improve things for Noah’s family.

Although we may not be able to help financially on an individual basis, I am sure we can all spread the word and raise awareness of Noah’s story. Noah already has a huge following on Facebook and Twitter but let’s see if we can get Noah the help he needs to make their family home suitable for all of his medical and physical requirements!!

Snuggly Noah

You can follow Noah’s story on his mummy’s blog…

On Facebook…

Or on Twitter…

So please do what you can to help baby Noah and his family create the perfect home they deserve… get in touch with DIY:SOS, forward details of children’s charities who may be able to help, or even just send a message of support. Every little thing really does help!!!



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