The Wedding Season Is Coming…

Well, first let us apologise for the lack of blog posts lately – it’s been a very busy time here at Cards And Candles For All Occasions as we have recently began displaying our products in a new local shop (more details coming soon) as well as the wonderful news that my Aunt and Uncle are coming home to Scotland from New Zealand for a holiday and are getting married in Fort William while they are home. Soooo excited for them!!

At the moment we are busy working on table decorations for their wedding, special keepsake cards from Dad and from us and also buttonholes for Dad and Gordon. It’s lots of things I haven’t done before but am really enjoying. The challenge is fab, I just hope everyone is happy with the end results.

The wedding is taking place on Thursday 12th April 2012 so we don’t have a lot of time to get everything finished and transported to Scotland for the big day.

Last night saw the completion of Dad and Gord’s button holes… I’m really happy with them and even made co-ordinating boxes to transport them in 🙂

Firstly, we have Gordon’s buttonhole which is Pride of Scotland tartan to match his kilt (his Christmas gift – perhaps a premonition that it would be needed?):

Pride of Scotland

Then we have Dad’s buttonhole which is Black Watch Tartan to match his attire on the day:

black watch
blue box

We have a small gift for my Aunt, the bride-to-be which has a gift box in the same style as the men’s but with blue ribbon – as we know it’s good luck to have Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue… the gift inside is also blue 😉


So all in all, it’s ben a busy few weeks with lots more preparation still to come.

Very exciting but nerveracking too – what if they don’t like the finished decorations? What if I mess them up? Guess this is the time to think positively and focus on the fact that I wouldn’t be doing this if nobody thought I could!!

Hope you’re all having a fab sunshiney Saturday… enjoy your weekend!!

xxx Love Laura and Gordon xxx



  1. Gorgeous honey well looking at those floral decs me thinks your gonna love what Ive done for you xxx they compliment perfectly xxx love Karen xxx

  2. Thank you ladies… this is nothing like I’ve ever done before but I’m really loving the challenge of it, almost finished one (out of four lol) table decorations and really liking how it looks.

    Karen have seen your work and absolutely LOVE it!! Shalll chat to you later about payment, postage, etc.

    Lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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