January Round Up 2012

Good evening to all of our lovely friends, followers and customers

As you may have noticed, blog updates have been few and far between for the last little while… with one thing and another things at Cards And Candles For All Occasions and Badger’s Woodcrafts have been pretty manic since Christmas.

Healthwise, both Gordon and myself have had a few ups and downs, fighting chest infections, dealing with Gord’s diabetes and battling through other things too… we’re now on the road to being well again and back to business as usual đŸ™‚

In the last few weeks we’ve had a meeting with the team of judges for Staffordshire’s Local Business Accelerator and also a potential new stockist, orders trickling in and new ideas being discussed for the year ahead.

At the Staffordshire Local Business Accelerator we were in the shortlist of five companies who met with the judges to discuss our business, future plans, what we’re looking for, etc with the potential of being taken through to the next round where there is the possibility of winning twelve weeks mentoring and twelve months of advertising. Unfortunately, we did not progress any further than being shortlisted to this stage however after discussing our business background, plans for the future, ideas and options we now have many more avenues to explore and hopefully will soon be able to share some of our ideas with you.

Last week we met with a local lady who is leaving her current employment to pursue her dream of opening her own shop which will include a Farm Shop for local produce, a convenience store and a section dedicated to local crafts available for sale… everything is still in the planning stages at the moment but we are hopeful that this will be something which we will be able to go ahead with soon and have our products available to a wider market. We shall keep you posted!!

We have also just found out that our family who are visiting from New Zealand in April (they will be staying in Scotland as most of my family live up there) are getting married in Fort William while they are over… my aunt and uncle have been together years so the announcement that they are getting married was a huge surprise for everyone, but fantastic news. We are taking this opportunity to have a weeks holiday in a holiday park in Fort William, spending time with our family and relaxing. We are both really looking forward to this as our last holiday was in 2007!!

Today finally sees the end of the dreaded Self Assessment Tax Return paperwork… lots of to-ing and fro-ing, conflicting information, confusion and purchasing of new software has meant that we have spent the last week or so surrounded by mountains of paperwork, getting more confused by the minute and thinking that we would never see the end of it but all that’s left to do is double check all the figures then press SUBMIT and cross our fingers. Accountancy never was my strong point.

We are in the middle of a greetings card order from a fellow crafter which we hope to complete this week, as well as working on Valentines cards, new stock and updating our websites so still just as busy but loving every minute of it.

Don’t forget that you can follow Badger’s Woodcrafts and Cards And Candles For All Occasions on Facebook to keep up with all our news and ideas.

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Thank you for all of your continued support… we will be back soon with some new stock and news for you all, in the meantime remember if there is anything specific you are looking for then we are only an email away!!

xxx Love Laura and Gordon xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions

Badger’s Woodcrafts


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