What A Fab Day!! Sunday 4th December 2011

ccse 2010

The day arrived… the Contemporary Craft Shopping Experience 2011.

Sunday 4th December 2011 saw an early start for Gordon and I, we had to leave home around 5am… load the car, get petrol then drive to Warwickshire Exhibition Centre, thankfully the weather this year was better than last year 🙂

We arrived to be greeted by the lovely Claire who is the brains and crafty hands of Lady Luck Jewellery and we set to work setting up our stall for what we hoped to be another great day.


We were set up, had breakfast from the lovely onsite cafe and were ready for the opening of the event at 10am. We had already spoken to stallholders we had met at this event in 2010 and everyone was very excited for the day ahead… this is a great event to be a part of.

Nobody was disappointed. Sunday 4th December 2011 at Warwickshire Exhibition Centre was a great day… lots of lovely customers, friendly stallholders, catching up with fellow crafters who have become friends and a lovely atmosphere. Fantastic.

What was our most popular productof the day? There were two!!

Our Snowman Soup was incredibly popular with visitors of all ages… a treat for themselves, a stocking filler for friends and family or a little extra gift for those unexpected Christmas visitors. We almost sold out of these!!

Badger’s Woodcrafts Peg Looms were also really popular – to the extent that by the end of the day we only had ONE left… this is quite possibly the most successful day Gordon has had with his woodcrafts since it was launched. Excellent 🙂

Throughout the day, the weather was kind to visitors, although it was cold and a little breezy there was no snow or fog like last year, even the rain held off until near the end of the event – just in time for packing up and trying to fit all the boxes back into the car. Ah well, can’t complain as it was a great day.

All in all, we had a lovely day… met quite a few people from Laura’s home area (Glasgow) who were more than eager to have a chat about the Glasgow area, how it used to be and what’s changed. We are always amazed by how many people from the Glasgow area we meet at events ‘down south’ but we never tire of talking to these lovely people.

Will be be attending the Contemporary Craft Shopping Experience in 2012? Without a doubt, this is one of our best events of the year and we would be delighted to support Claire again in the future!!

We’ll be updating you with our other Christmas events soon… just as soon as I find the photographs 😉

Lots of love and hugs to you all, from

xxx Laura & Gordon xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions


Badger’s Woodcrafts


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