#WakeUpHarry and Baby Loss Awareness


As you will know from previous blog posts we have written and our radio interview back in August 2011, baby loss is something very close to our hearts. Gordon and I have lost four babies in pregnancy, each one tearing away another little piece of our hearts… leaving behind their own mark in our lives, memories we will always carry.

October is International Baby Loss Awareness month and this is something we feel needs promoted now more than ever, even today in the 21st century, baby loss is still very much a taboo subject. Something many people will not discuss. Baby loss is a subject which is often swept under the carpet.

Our babies DID EXIST so why should we not talk about them? Why should we hide our emotions and memories of the babies we are unable to hold?

The Baby Loss Awareness campaign was started in 2002, and each year has gathered more followers and committed members… more people wanting to show that our Angels do matter.

15th October is the UK’s National Baby Loss Awareness Day and we need to raise as much awareness of this as we can, so please let the people around you know that they are not alone in their grieving and carry the memory of their baby angels. Our babies did exist and they should have a voice!!

About the Baby Loss Awareness campaign

Brief history of the campaign

October 15th 2002 was the inaugural Baby Loss Awareness Day in the UK and was initiated by a group of parents inspired by Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the United States. Through the sale of, handmade blue and pink ribbon pins they raised several thousand pounds for UK organisations supporting bereaved parents.

The 2003 campaign saw the first ‘Wave of Light’ service held at the American Church in London and attended by representatives and members of each participating organisation. There were also services held across the UK from Scotland to Surrey. Once again, the ribbon pins were made and sold by bereaved parents.

The 2004 campaign was a more formal collaboration between the organisations involved. The ribbon pins were commercially manufactured and balloon releases were held in several locations. The group organised a secular service at the Royal Statistical Society in London and there were over twenty other events around the UK.

In subsequent years, the campaign has continued to grow with more balloon releases and Wave of Light services from Stirling to St. Austell. Nearly £14,000 was raised for the campaign by volunteers through the sale of ribbon pins and other events. Once again the Steering Group would like to thank everyone for their efforts.

Aims of the campaign
* Promote October 15th as National Baby Loss Awareness Day within the UK.
* Promote the annual “Global Wave of Light” events and services where parents can acknowledge their losses.
*Promote awareness and understanding of the impact of pregnancy and baby loss among health and social care workers and the community at large.


Having lost our precious babies makes hearing of the illnesses and fights of other children even harder to deal with, emotionally it is very difficult for us as we hate to imagine other parents going through the losses which we have suffered.

A few months ago I discovered a young boy on the social networking site of Twitter. Harry Moseley is an eleven year old boy from Birmingham, UK who is fighting against an inoperable brain tumour. Harry is an inspirational boy who is using his illness to give the motivation to raise funds for Brain Cancer Research.

Through Harry’s Help Harry Help Others campaign he raises much needed funds for Cancer Research by making and selling a range of beaded bracelets which he promotes through his website.

The @HarryMoseley Twitter account is followed by many people, people who admire Harry’s commitment to helping other, people who have developed a huge love and admiration of Harry’s strength… Harry’s Mum uses this Twitter account to keep his followers up to date with his progress.

In August 2011, Harry went to theatre in Birmingham Children’s Hospital, sadly Harry has not regained conciousness since his surgery… there have been many tests, scans and medical interventions since his operation but Harry is still asleep. From talking to Harry’s Mum on Twitter and reading his website, we know that Harry is a fighter… this battle may be taking longer than anticipated but we are keeping Harry and his family in our prayers, hoping that Harry wakes up soon.

On Twitter, Harry has many supporters including many celebrities, each of whom are rooting for the day when Harry’s Mum makes the announcement that Harry has woken up. There is currently a Wake Up Harry campaign running on Twitter – please use the #WakeUpHarry hashtag in your Twitter messages and show your support for this very brave, inspirational boy and his family. Harry and his family need your support!!

We are rooting for Harry to pull through this difficult time and would ask you all to do what you can to support Harry in his fight, and donate what you can to his Help Harry Help Others campaign. Please show that you care!!!

xxx Love Laura and Gordon xxx


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