A Handmade Christmas – Christmas Countdown

christmas countdown

With only 84 days until Christmas, our plans for our 2011 Handmade Christmas are well underway… we have bought the first of our Christmas gifts from the lovely Bread And Butter by Bev Jennings, started on our handcrafted greetings cards for friends and family, have added a selection of handcrafted greetings and keepsake Christmas cards to our website and have placed orders for a couple of commissioned items for other family members gifts.

We have also began work on a couple of gifts we are making ourselves, more details will follow when these projects are complete, and have many more ideas in the pipeline. We are aiming for a Handmade Christmas and will be making as much of this as possible ourselves, though we will also be ordering some of our Christmas decorations and gifts from fellow crafters.

So far our handcrafted gift ideas range from crochet blankets, notecard sets, candles and mosaics to ceramic pieces, artwork and food hampers.

Throughout the UK there are many small businesses which are owned and run by crafters… people like ourselves who are making a living wile doing something they love, whether that be ceramic art, papercrafts, woodwork or many many other variations on crafting. There are so many unique pieces to choose from and each item is a one-off, no two items are the same and each item is made with love and attention. There truly is no need to buy mass-produced, over-priced high street goods when there are so many individuals offering such great quality pieces of unique work.

We are committing ourselves to a Handmade Christmas… we want our gifts to be personal, unique and well thought out – there’s no point in buying something just because it’s gadgety or useless, we would much rather send a gift which has been carefully handcrafted with love, care and time. It makes it far more special, in our opinion.

Will you be opting for a Handmade Christmas this year? Have you any specific techniques, ideas or suggestions you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!!

Let’s Support Handmade – However It’s Made and make Christmas 2011 a celebration of love and friendship to remember!!

xxx Love Laura and Gordon xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions website

Badger’s Woodcrafts website


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