Very Special Twins First Christmas

A few weeks ago, a good friend contacted me with a request for a special keepsake card for her baby twin grand-daughters… 2011 will be their first Christmas.  I knew instantly that this needed to be a one of a kind, special and very unique and personal design for two very special little girls from their incredibly inspiring Grandma.

It took me a little while to come up with something which I thought would be suitable. A design which I was happy would be appropriate for the little ones. Something which I’d never seen anywhere else before.

I decided not to use our usual Bookatrix keepsake card design, but instead to opt for the Tall Stories version and incorporate and pair of hand-knitted, lace trimmed baby shoes – each shoe displaying a Christmas message for the girls. I used a selection of Christmas diecut shapes, ribbon and wooden embellishments to decorate the card and included a Christmas verse.

I sent our friend a photograph of the card to make sure it was what she was looking for and the feedback I received was fantastic, so I wrapped it in tissue paper and placed it in it’s presentation box before bubble wrapping, packaging and popping into the post yesterday. It’s all in the hands of Royal Mail now!!

Can you imagine how I felt this morning when I received the following email:

OH WOW! WOW ! WOW! Laura its absolutely beautiful.
I am thrilled to bits!
Cant wait for xmas now LOL!
I know it will have pride of place for years to come.
I just cant thank you enough darl.
Im off to brag what I have got now on F/B.
Thank you ever so much my darling. You are a Angel.
Love always, Rita xxxx

I am absolutely over the moon to receive such wonderful feedback… it was our absolute pleasure to create something so special for Evie and Ruby and we hope that Rita’s family are as happy with their keepsake card as we are.


Rita is a fellow artist who creates the most amazing hand sculpted models… we are the proud owner of three of Rita’s scuplts and I’m sure we will be collecting more in the future. To see her work, please visit – you will be amazed at the talent which goes into each piece!!

If you would like to discuss this design or any other requirements you may have, please email us at

xxxx Love Laura & Gordon xxxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions


One comment

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for the link to my blog darl.
    I can totally recommend your fabulous work. to anyone wanting cards or keepsakes.
    My keepsake for the twins is something we will always treasure.
    I still cant believe we have the twins and get so emotional when I am around them.
    I asked for something special, and thats EXACTLY what I got.
    ((HUGS)) Laura my little Angel. xxx

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