A New Venture…

Cards And Candles For All Occasions were recently contacted by a company who specialise in premature baby and baby bereavement clothing, gifts and essentials.

Cheeky Chums approached us to enquire about the possibility of working together to create a unique range of baby loss/baby bereavement greetings cards.

As baby loss is something very close to our hearts (Gordon and I have lost four babies during pregnancy) then this was something we were very apprehensive to work on, although we wanted to create something special so that parents who find themselves in this terrible situation have their loss acknowledged by friends and loved ones, we wanted to find something which showed compassion and love.

After many discussions, sketches and sample designs we came up with the following range of greetings cards which are available exclusively through the Tiny Baby Bereavement pages of the Cheeky Chums Website.

In some instances of baby loss and miscarriage, baby is too small for us to know whether they are a boy or girl, in these circumstances it is often difficult to find something suitable in the shops which isn’t either pink or blue. Even in early pregnancy Mum’s and Dad’s have bonded with their little one so having a way of acknowleding your loved ones loss will mean the world to them at a very difficult time. With this in mind we have created two neutral greetings card designs suitable for those incredibly emotional times, they read “Precious Baby”…

Unisex Butterfly Baby Loss
Baby Loss Doves

When a family loses their “Precious Princess” their world is torn apart, to have this loss acknowledged by friends and loved ones often offers a sense of comfort and support, our little girl themed baby loss cards are something which will be treasured and show your love when words seem irrelevant…

Cuddles Bear Baby Girl Loss
Cutie Bunny Baby Girl Loss

Likewise, when your “Darling Baby Boy” is snatched away then to have someone show they care is incredibly special, it may be difficult to put into words how you feel when you want to acknowledge your loved ones loss so we hope our baby boy cards help make those emotionally difficult moments a little easier for the sender and something special for the recipient to treasure…

Cuddles Bear Baby Boy Loss
Cutie Bunny Baby Boy Loss

When Cheeky Chums received their order they emailed us to let us know, I’d say from their comments that they like what they see…

Hi Laura,

Cards came last night and are all present and correct. They’re really lovely.

We are so happy that we have created something which we are proud of, and Cheeky Chums are happy to stock on their online store. This was a very difficult subject to work with – we just hope you like what we have come up with and we have done all of the baby Angels proud.

After our last miscarriage, a friend sent me a poem which I would like to share with you… the words really say it all as I am sure you will agree:

My Child Did Exist

I`ve lost a child . I hear myself say,
And the person Im talking too just turns away.
Now why did I tell them , I dont understand .
It wasnt for sympathy or to get a helping hand.
I just want them to know Ive lost something dear ,
I want them to know my child was here.

My child left something behind that no one can see,
My child just made one person into a family.
So , if Ive upset you , Im sorry as can be .
You`ll have to forgive me , I could not resist.
I just want you to know that my child did exist.

If you would like to purchase one of our exclusive Baby Bereavement cards please visit the Cheeky Chums website, or for all other enquiries please contact us at info@cardsandcandlesforalloccasions.co.uk

xxx Lots of love, Laura & Gordon xxxx
xxx With special Angel wishes from our four baby Angels xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions website

Cheeky Chums Website



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