Craft Fairs – What Do I Need To Take?


As the craft fair calendar is well underway, our list of essentials, must takes and should takes is ever increasing. You may remember we wrote a list a while ago but after many more craft fair experiences, dilemmas and ideas then our list has altered so here is our up to date list of what we take, and things you might need.

Bungee Cords
Storage Boxes

Stall Set Up
Carousel Card Stands
Keepsake Card Stands
Table Coverings
Clips To Secure Table Coverings (to table legs?)
Lighting (if needed)

Behind The Scenes
Order Forms
Cash Tin with float
Business Cards

Peg Loom Information Sheets
Candle Information Sheets
Postcards and Display
Business Cards and Holder

Greetings Cards
Keepsake Cards
Candle Holders
Peg Looms

“Just In Case” Box
Safety Pins
Sticky Labels
Marker Pen
Baby Wipes
Packet of Mints

We also like to take along some “work in progress” pieces as it tends to draw people towards our stall as they want to see what we are doing, this lets them see that we do indeed craft all of our own products, lets us interact with potential customers/visitors and gives us something to chat about without having to directly start a ‘sales pitch’ – it also gives us something to pass the time during quiet periods.

Something else we have found we always take with us is refreshments… many events have refreshments available for sale throughout the day but if you rely on burger vans, cafes and the like then you end up spending most of your profits, also it’s not always easy to get away from your stall when you’re gasping for a drink!!

We usually take cold drinks and sandwiches with us, then we don’t need to worry if we have visitors to our stall… no chances of hot drinks being spilled or food going cold. It all comes down to personal preference and what is easiest for you 🙂

Lastly, clothing-wise I’d recommend dressing in layers, especially at outdoor events as you can be toasty warm while you are moving around setting up your stall but soon cool down when you are standing/sitting around waiting for customers but you don’t want to end up cooking all day either. I prefer to wear layers so that I can find a happy-medium between cooking and freezing lol, and I always take my fingerless gloves with me cos although I don’t like cold hands, I find normal gloves a nuisance to wear if I’m doing anything.

We hope you find this list useful and if there’s anything you can think of which you think we’ve missed then we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Love Laura and Gordon xxx

Cards And Candles For All Occasions
Badger’s Woodcrafts


One comment

  1. Very good and comprehensive list – hubby and I do take a flask of hot water, one of milk, teabags, coffee and (on winter days) cup-a-soups to keep us warm and toasty! One of the best ever inventions is thermal mugs with lids – great for keeping your drink warm when customers come over just as you have made yourself a cup.

    The other thing we always have is a radio or MP3 player so that you can avoid that ‘silence’ which can be so intimidating. Music quietly playing in the background is great (and keeps you sane if the customers are few and far between!)

    Ali x

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