Baby Shower Invitations

As the idea of holding a Baby Shower grows more popular in the UK as does the need for invitations, thank you notes and stationery to mark these occasions.

We recently had our first Baby Shower invitation order from a fellow craft who’s sister is a proud Mum-to-be… we were given very specific details on what was wanted for these invitations and they were fab to make as they were so different from our usual work.

Each card measured just 10cm x 6cm and each had it’s own envelope which I handcrafted from baby patterned papers 🙂


The inside of each invitation simply reads “You’re Invited” and there is space for the sender to write a small personalised message if required.

If you are interested in ordering a set of baby shower invitations please contact us at


One comment

  1. Thank you so much for these invites. They were absolutely gorgeous and the pictures really didn’t do them justice. Everyone loved them and as they were so dinky and cute they went with the whole baby theme.
    Thanks again Laura

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