St Albans Church, Spring Fair – 21st March 2011

Monday 21st March 2011 saw the first Spring Fair at St Albans Church in Blurton, Stoke on Trent… an evening event open to the public from 6.30pm until 9pm.

This event was organised to raise much needed funds for the local Douglas Macmillan Hospice – a charity which we have had a lot of dealings with as a family, so when we were asked to take part we gladly signed up to show our support.

We were asked to leave our range of greetings cards at home and take along our keepsake cards, candles and woodwork as there was another card seller already booked. It turns out the other card seller was a Phoenix Trading agent who had the prime spot just inside the entrance doors!!

Anyway, not the sort of couple to let things like that deter us we went inside found our allocated space and set up our display…


The evening went by very slowly, we had a couple of friends and previous customers who came along asking about our greetings card range and were very disappointed when we explained that the organiser had requested we not bring them along.

There was a tombola, raffle, guess the weight of the cake and lots of other fundraising stands… I’m not sure how well they did, however it did seem as though the charity auction struggled for people bidding on the items they had to offer. As far as I know they did sell everything they were auctioning but bidding was very low which is a shame when the money raised was for such a worthwhile cause.

Was this event successful for Cards And Candles For All Occasions and Badger’s Woodcrafts? Although sales on the evening were very low, we did have lots of enquiries and interest… many people asked for our contact details to purchase after the event so in terms of networking and advertising this was very worthwhile, especially as it is within our local community 😀


One comment

  1. Bloomi’ Phoenix Trading they get everywhere!
    Handmade OOAK is better every time.
    If you can (not always easy or affordable) it’s best to go with Craft Fair organisers who only allow sellers selling their own hand made stuff. Still, there’s always next time.

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