Craft & Gift Fair – 20th March 2011

Today saw the beginning of the Cards And Candles For All Occasions events calendar of 2011, and also the grand unveiling of Badger’s Woodcrafts which was only launched online at the beginning of February.

This event was being organised by Uriel Jane – a local Stoke-on-Trent events organiser, formerly known as Mum’s Knits and was being held at the Weston Coyney Village Hall, Stoke on Trent… open from 10.30am until 4.00pm and in it’s second month, though for personal reasons we were unable to attend in February.

We arrived at the venue and had a prime stall space, in the middle of the room and facing both entrances so we were able to see what was going on – we like to people watch (other people call us nosey lol) so it was a great position in the hall for us and we eagerly set up our displays.

As this was the first event where we have exhibited Badger’s Woodcrafts we were unsure of how to display the items to their full potential and as you can see there is a lot of room for improvement on the stall set up but these products got lots of interest from people at the event, admittedly mainly other stallholders and the peg loom became a good talking point as we demonstrated it’s use.


Cards And Candles For All Occasions had our stall set out well compared with previous events… everything was displayed clearly without overcrowding and we were happy with the overall look:


The venue was filled with a variety of stallholders including many jewellers (each of differing styles), a henna artist, Spellestial of Longton, homemade German cheesecake, a franchisee of Kumon and a man selling some gadget to reduced static electricity in your body (or something like that – stopped listening when his spiel included mobile phones cause cancer!!).

After speaking to fellow stallholders who had attended the previous Uriel Jane event at this venue we were assured that the potential customers visiting today was an increase on last month, that said it did seem that the footfall was very low and sales throughout the stalls reflected this.

A couple of stallholders began packing away their products as early as three hours before the end of the event, which came across as very unprofessional and off-putting had there been a higher number of visitors throughout the afternoon.

Sadly, this event resulted in a financial loss for both Cards And Candles For All Occasions and Badger’s Woodcrafts, however we will be trying this venue again in May before making our decision as to whether we should continue attending events at Weston Coyney Village Hall.

We will be attending a local Spring Fair being held at St Albans Church on Finstock Avenue, Blurton, Stoke on Trent tomorrow evening – Monday 21st March 2011 from 6:30pm until 9:00pm so please pop by if you are in the area and show some support.

Let’s hope that event sales pick up for everyone!!

Laura & Gordon xx



  1. Sadly craft fairs can be very unpredictable,and you can never really judge how sucessful they are by the sales made on the day. I have learned that you can never say that a fair is a total failure, as you never know what can come of them, some of my most disappointing fairs have actually months later resulted in large orders or big workshop bookings. So remain optimistic! your stall looked great!
    Angela x

  2. Sadly, I have learned from experience , that craft fairs are very unpredictable, you can never tell how successful a fair is on sales alone, some of my most disappointing fairs as far as sales are concerned have, months later produced large orders or big workshop bookings, so remain optimistic! your stalls look great!!!!

  3. Thank you for your replies. As you have said, no event is a waste of time. Even though sales may be poor on the day which we can find extremely disheartening we try to focus on these things as a marketing and networking opportunity.

    As many crafters, we are mainly based online so these events are critical in getting our name ‘out there’ and bringing new and current clients to our websites so fingers crossed we begin to have some positive feedback from the advertising we have been doing.

    Onwards and upwards 😀

  4. All too often I read on Blogs and in Forums that Craft Fairs were ‘dead’, ‘foot fall slow’, ‘sales poor’ and the like. I’m not doing any Craft Fairs this year at all as things were just so quiet last year and the financial situation for everyone is worse in 2011 so I doubt there be more buyers out there. Seems to me the only ones who make any cash are the organisers and I’m sure that’s not much either.
    I know I sound negative but I feel I am being honest with myself. Don’t get me wrong, I sell lots at Craft Fairs but NOT for the money I feel my efforts and products are worth.
    Your stall looks very attractively laid out and I wish you much success.

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