Rustic Pen Holder/Desk Tidy

Badger has again been busy in his workshop working hard at creating useful pieces from recycled natural wood… and as always his pieces are as natural as they day they fell from the tree. No artificial additives and no chemicals.

This week the latest addition is rustic desk tidy/pen holders… though these could also be used for paintbrushes, artists tools and lots more.

Each of these pieces are unique. Due to their nature we cannot reproduce identical pieces so if something catches your eyes then please contact us about purchasing as once it’s gone, it’s gone đŸ˜€


You can view the full range of Badger’s Woodcraft’s pieces at the website which is

Today we are including Badger’s latest designs in the 1st Unique Gifts Handmade Monday blog hop… designed to help fellow crafters gain exposure and raise awareness of the many talents in the crafting world.

Handmade Monday is now in it’s sixth week and is proving to be very popular – why not pop over ‘here’ for a browse.

We would love to hear your feedback.

Laura & Gordon xxx



  1. Once again showing off excellent talent. I love popping over to see what new artefacts you have to offer. Truly inspired, as always!!

  2. I love these! Very rustic, but all the better for that. The peg looms on the website intrigue me. I may have to have a go at those one day!

    Thanks for taking part in Handmade Monday x

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