Badger Strikes

This week Laura spoke to Gordon about storage issues within the craft room… she has been spending lots of time browsing the blogs of fellow crafters, storage sites and suppliers looking for ideas to tidy up and make things more easily accessed.

The main problem is spools of ribbon – throw them in a box then you can’t the one you’re looking for and end up duplicating various designs and textures, so after finding this fabulous Ribbon Display Rack storage solution by Handy Woodcrafts we sat down and had a think about what would work in the space we have available.

A cabinet? No that would take up too much space. A box divided into sections? Still couldn’t see what we had at a quick glance. A shelf with a rack underneath? Perfect!!

So Gordon headed out to his workshop to work on a peg loom, or so I thought… a couple of hours later he came inside with this fantastic recycled scaffolding plank… a perfect sized shelf with a removable dowelling rod for holding a selection of spools of ribbon. Perfect!!

scaffolding ribbon rack

What do you think? I’m impressed… as you can see it was in full use almost immediately lol, just need to persuade him to make another one to go above it, for when I see some more *must have* ribbon đŸ™‚

Would love to hear your comments on Gordon’s latest piece… and remember you can see more of his work by visiting

Love Laura & Gordon xxx



    • Hi Donna, they are indeed fab!! Didn’t see Drew’s blog last week as not been online much, but did see his storage cabinet which I thought was fab and if I can find the space for one then I’ll definitely be buying.

      Will definitely pop over… to his blog for a look now… it is indeed funny to hear of other crafters coming up with the same/similar designs… maybe we should chat before making just to make sure lol… strange!!

      This is where we found the basic idea…

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