Baby Dedication Card

We we recently asked by a customer to produce a card for a Baby Dedication ceremony which they had been invited to… a baby dedication service is part of the Salvation Army faith and was described to us as:

A dedication is slightly different from a christening. In a christening the parents and godparents make promises that the baby will be brought up as a christian within the church family.

In a dedication the parents basically say Thank you to God for the gift of the child. They present the child back to God recognising that the child belongs to him and they make promises that they will be a Christian influence on the child and parent in a christian manner with the help of God. They may or may not choose sponsors for the child which are sort of god parents.

We were asked to create a card which was of a theme suitable for a baby girl without being strongly religious, after discussing this with our client we decided to use the rompersuit/babygro design with a greeting of “With Love On Your Dedication Day” inside. Here is the finished design:

babygro dedication

We would love to hear your thoughts on this design and we hope the recipient loves their card as much as we enjoyed making it 😀

Thanks for reading.

Laura x



  1. I am sure the sender and the recipient will be very very happy this is a great card and am sure it wont be your last dedication card 🙂 Its an occasion that you wont find on the high street easily 🙂

  2. I would be interested to know if you are still making cards for dedications, many thanks

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