A Learning Curve…

Some of you may remember that I joined Jan Jackman’s Stampin’ Up! ‘Stampers Six’ club last year… this meant spending lots of our hard earned cash on lots and lots of fab stamps and goodies.

I can hear you all now thinking that this is a good thing and wondering why I would be complaining about this? Well, the thing is that stamping and I have never really got along, I’ve never been able to stamp nice crisp lines or design a card which I was happy with so one of my big aims for 2011 is to get to grips with stamping and colouring my stamped images, then incorporating them into my cardmaking.

I’ve acquired a wide selection of rubber stamps, unmounted stamps and ink pads over the last few months so have been experimenting with different stamps in different colours, also trying different brands of ink pads to see which work best and also trying out the various designs which I have – a wide range of both images and sentiments. I think my favourite is my StazOn ink pad as it seems to dry the quickest and doesn’t seem to bleed the edges of the images.

I’ve spent the last few weeks experimenting with different card and paper for stamping on to as well… so far I seem to have found a decent stack of paper which doesn’t smudge, holds the image well and has a nice shimmery finish – the problem is that I can’t remember where I bought it from lol.

I seem to be getting somewhere, I’m actually quite happy with how my stamping is progressing at the moment… I’ve even sent a few of my stamped notecards to friends and have received some positive feedback, I’m not one to settle for that though – I want to add colour to my stamped images!!

I started thinking about what colouring mediums I had in my craft boxes and came across my Promarkers and Papermania Watercolour Pens and some successful crafting began… lots of trial and error with colouring, etc but I’m really happy with the results and have even listed a couple of my own stamped and coloured cards in our Folksy shop. I’d love to hear your feedback!!

This is the first one which I completed and I love the colours of it, together with the image which is just so innocent looking… just like a child who’s been caught licking the chocolate from the cooking bowl:


Next we have this really cute puppy dog, the colours and sentiment could be adjusted for pretty much any occasion, she just looks so sweet:


Here we have this gorgeous fairy-like image, suitable for any little girl (or big girl)… I love lilac colour schemes which is why I’ve chosen this backing paper:

My hubby has a rather ‘unhealthy’ addiction to cows (don’t ask lol) so when I saw this image I knew that I had to have it. I think the chocolate and pinky coloured background paper ties in well with the colours used in the stamped image:


And to this last one, I’ve also added a diecut and layered fox, to add to the garden theme:

get well soon fox

I’d love to hear your feedback, especially from seasoned stampers who may see areas where I can improve as I’m by no means an expert, I just like to experiment đŸ™‚

In the Hobbycraft Christmas sale I bought lots of unmounted stamps – I think it was either seven or eight sets, now I need to buy an acrylic block to use them but there will be lots more stamped cards coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

Love Laura xxx


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