Review: Diddybears

In 2010 I met the lovely Diddybears on Twitter… it wasn’t long before I grew to admire these gorgeous creations and I knew that hubby would love them too.

In December I took delivery of the gorgeous Taylor Diddybear, a gorgeous little fellow who has been handcrafted with love and is sooo cute you just can’t help but fall in love with him!!

Taylor Diddybear

Taylor Diddybear is made from dark brown Shetland wool, with beige limbs, snout and ears. He likes pancakes and playing the drums.

All Diddybears are approximtely 6cm tall. They have movable head and limbs, but don’t like rough play – it gives them indigestion!

These beautiful bears are the perfect gift for any collector or teddy bear lover but due to their handcrafted nature they are unsuitable for children.

I would highly recommend Diddybears to anyone who is looking for a little something special… they are of excellent quality, very reasonably priced and the customer service is superb.

Taylor Diddybear has made a very welcome and beautiful addition to our teddy bear collection and I’m sure we will be returning customers in the future.

Lots of love and best wishes to all of the Diddybears for a fab 2011!!

Love Laura and Gordon xxx



  1. awww. He is so so cute, as are all on there website! I love the words about the bears particularly – “but don’t like rough play – it gives them indigestion!”

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