Magical Mention Monday

I have been so fortunate in discovering new and wonderful crafters with fantastic blogs. So many of them have such beautiful things to share and such lovely stories to tell. I have also found that a lot of them struggle to get their projects and crafts showcased and often they rely on this for selling their crafts.

Whilst I would love to buy things from everyone unfortunately this is not financially possible but I thought what I could do to help you all is to create a Magical Mention Monday where you can mention someone who you think has something magical to share… it can be a new crafty make, it can be a lovely inspiring story or even a magical photograph that someone has taken.

Anything really that you have been inspired by and that you would like to share with others.

The rules are quite easy and simple :

1) Post a link using the Mr Linky below – Make sure your link is to the person’s actual blog post (not just to their blog)

2) Please don’t post a link to your own blog, the idea is to promote someone else

3) Please leave a comment below to say why you have mentioned that person

4) Remember to pop over and visit the wonderful blogs that get mentioned and leave a comment as people really appreciate knowing you have popped by.


Laura & Gordon xxx


One comment

  1. I nominate Classteels reborn babies because I love the realism of these dolls and the amount of work and dedication it must take to achieve such realistic looking dolls is inspiring.

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