Disappointed with Event Organiser

For the last two years Cards And Candles For All Occasions have attended a Christmas Fair in Northampton, showing our support at times when the event was not as successful as planned. Offering advice on what could be improved upon, persevering in atrocious weather conditions and then going back for more (2008 was a two day event), so when we heard that this venue was again being organised for 2010, we were quick to put forward our interest and send off our payment for our stall space.

Several emails later and it became apparent that our payment had not arrived with the ‘Friends of Delapre Abbey’ so a second postal payment was sent – I tried to arrange payment by Paypal but was told that neither this nor debit card payments were possible. I have been in regular contact trying to confirm that our payment has been received, each time stating that we were again looking forward to this years event. All seemed fine so we continued our preparations for this venue, arranged dog walkers for while we were out (it’s a 200 mile round trip so a long day) and had lots of stock ready.

On Thursday morning, we sent off an email to confirm a few last minute details and also confirm that our payment had been received, the response which we received was far from welcomed.

Unfortunately, no we have still not received payment from you and have therefore removed you from our list as assumed you were no longer interested.

Perhaps it’s just me, but surely if someone sends regular emails regarding an event you would know that they wanted to attend? If payment has not been received then surely it would be more professional to contact the stallholder prior to re-allocating their space?

Sadly, after speaking with a fellow crafter it has become apparent that this is not the first time that this has happened – they did the same thing to her last year. It is very sad to see how they repay the stallholders who remain loyal to the event year after year.

We have always enjoyed this event (despite the cold lol) and found the people to be very friendly and the event generally well supported by local people and stallholders but we are sad to say, they will not be getting our support in the future. It is a shame as we have always done quite well here but if this is how they wish to treat stallholders then good luck to them.



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