My Work Space

Back in May 2009, you may remember that I blogged about my new workroom… it was freshly decorated and the furniture was added and I set to work in my fab new craft room – you can read about it here.

In the last eighteen months there have been lots of changes, the biggest and most significant being that Cards And Candles For All Occasions is no longer just a hobby, as of 24th April 2010 we are a full time, self employed, registered business and we love it.

Of course with the transition from hobby to business comes lots more stock, more variety in the lines we carry, more scope to expand so as you can imagine our craft room has had an overhaul and lots more storage added.

Here we have my main workspace where my pc, printers and Cricut Expression are:


Of course, every work table and surface has a nice selection of storage boxes under it… got to maximise space after all – or in my case, find space for all those extra purchases, new gadgets and ‘just in case’ things.

My workbench is surrounded by storage boxes and display stands which are full of stock for our website and also craft fairs and events… it’s easier to keep the candles and dreamcatchers boxed but the cards in their display stands as I can then see at a glance what we need.


The top of the workbench holds a variety of things… orders to be posted, stock to be photographed and packaged, my decorative 8″ x 8″ papers, Corner Chomper, Crop-a-dile, zip seal bags and jars of buttons, brads, glitter and lots more.


The most organised part of the room is my bookcase which is full of Really Useful Boxes, each one labelled with it’s contents (embellishments, diecuts, ribbon, etc) and stacked accordingly, makes finding things much easier. The top shelf is filled with A4 boxes which hold a selection of Xyron accessories, paper and card, embellishments and boxes for my keepsake cards.


Next to our bookcase we have a nice sturdy chest of drawers – full of course!! which has four sets of plastic drawers, a selection of storage boxes, paper cutters and baskets on top:


We also have another folding table and set of plastic storage drawers which have all of our paperwork and orders in and the table tends to hold my craft table overspill.


I sit next to the window to work which means I can enjoy nature throughout the day – the sunshine, blue skies, birds and often the cats scrapping on our front lawn, though it can get a bit draughty at this time of year!! My windowsill also houses my Sizzix Big Shot – another crafty gadget that I couldn’t be without.


And finally, my *Wall of Inspiration* – this is the wall above my desk which is decorated with artwork by fellow crafters, photographs by Gordon, inspiration phrases and lots more… it’s definitely a work in progress and I plan to continue adding to it when something catches my eye.


I hope you’ve enjoyed your little tour of my crafty space… admittedly it’s not the most co-ordinated or organised space but it’s mine and it works for me. I’d much rather be crafty and messy than super organised and boring – wouldn’t you?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Love Laura xxx


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  1. Fab storage….I am very jealous. Thanks for following my blog, I really appreciate it and I am looking forward to sharing your crafting adventures with you xxx

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