Craft Carousel


We’ve joined the Craft Carousel and we love it!! It’s a brilliant idea and so far is very successful… why don’t you get involved and help it to grow and grow 🙂

What’s all this?

The craft Carousel has arrived!

How does it work?, Well you buy any item from a featured shop and then you will replace it in the treasury with a item from your own shop. You don’t have to buy the featured item shown here, Anything from one of the featured shops will get you a place.

If you buy something let me know and tell me which of your products you would like in its place.

And if your not a seller and want to join in? Well why not nominate one of your favourite shops!

How long am I in for? If you do not sell within 2 weeks of being in the Carousel, We will take you out, BUT, Give you 1 weeks free advertising in the supporters section.

It’s that easy!! We’ve been involved for about ten days now and already had eight sales directly from the carousel, so I’d say that proves that this does work!!

What are you waiting for, come and join some wonderfully talented crafters at Craft Carousel.

See you there!!!

Laura & Gordon xxx


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