Focus On: Girly Bunches

A few months ago I started talking to the lovely “OllyMe”… I’ll admit that I knew nothing about this lovely lady, except that she had been recommended by a good Twitter friend Lou Lou’s Luxuries.

Over the time that I have been in contact with Olivia I have become more and more interested in her crochet work which she sells through her Folksy shop under the name of Girly Bunches.

I have always loved crochet since I was a little girl… I think I was about five or six years old when my Grandmother first taught me to crochet and I found out a little while ago that my aunt still has the baby blanket that I crochet for my little cousin in 1992!! That was a surprise to hear, albeit it a lovely surprise 😉

My crochet skills are pretty limited and I can just about complete a square or circle blanket without too much trouble but don’t ask me to do anything more complicated, and follow a pattern?! You’ve no hope!! So when I found Girly Bunches on Folksy I instantly knew that I would become a customer… her work is gorgeous, so unique and well thought out. Lots of different ideas and designs that I would never have dreamed of – home decor, jewellery, Christmas items. I was in crochet heaven.

I recently placed an order for a few Christmas items (you can see these ‘here’) and at the same time, decided to treat myself – why not, eh? 😉

My first love is this beautiful “Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Crochet Necklace” – as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I would wear it with, so it had to be mine. It’s so well made and pretty that I can see me shopping soon for different colours of a similar style!!


As we have all noticed, Winter is here so it’s a time for warm snuggly coats, dull weather and long dark days so what better way to brighten up your days than with a handcrafted crochet brooch? OK, maybe I got carried away a little when I ordered two – I already have my eye on others too but they’re just so pretty!!


Why not pop over to visit Girly Bunches at their Folksy shop and treat yourself or your loved ones – you won’t be disappointed!!

Love Laura & Gordon
Cards And Candles For All Occasions



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