A Little Festive Cheer

As we all know Christmas is fast approaching so when I spotted a gorgeous handcrafted Christmas Fae on the Crafts Forum I knew that I really wanted one.

I emailed the lovely Rita at OOAK Fairy Fae with my request and she quickly explained that no two of her pieces are the same, facial features vary, the smaller details would be different, etc this made me want it even more – this all adds to the unique handcrafted nature of such beautiful work. So my order was placed and I waited patiently.

Here she is… my stunning handcrafted Christmas Fae – she arrived on Saturday and I absolutely adore her!! She currently has pride of place on my desk and each time I look at her I see extra little details that I haven’t seen before. I’m sure you’ll agree that she’s absolutely beautiful!!

Thank you so much Rita, I love her!!!


So we have our Christmas Fae but I that’s not enough to decorate our entire house lol, so I went on a mission… I went shopping on Folksy in search of some other unique and handcrafted Christmas cheer and that’s where I found Treacher Creatures… the lovely creator of some adorable little sock creatures.

Some of you may remember that I developed a bit of a “sock animal” obsession at one of last years craft fairs, there is just something so adorable about them… at the event where I first met the sock family we became proud owners of two sock monkeys, now I’m always on the look out for new sockies – call me a crazy but there’s just something so cute about them!!

As you can imagine I could have spent a fortune in the shop of Treacher Creatures (and I’m sure I’ll be back again soon!!) but for now I settled for this adorable little sock snowman – isn’t he just so cute!!! He’s now sitting on my computer looking adorable!!


Last but by no means least was our Christmas purchases from the wonderfully talented Girly Bunches… Olivia is a fabulous crafter who specialises in beautiful hand crochet homewares, decorations and jewellery. All of her work is so unique and inspiring as I love to crochet but after all these years I haven’t made it past basic blankets!!

When I saw these gorgeous Christmas decorations I just had to have them… I’m unsure at the moment whether to use them to decorate our Christmas tree or be a little more adventurous, I would share my thoughts but we’ll see what happens – I may share ideas soon!!

Each of these Christmas trees and Christmas wreaths have been crochet by hand and are so cute, the photographs really don’t do them justice. I’d recommend any of the beautiful items in Girly Bunches shop as they are all made with so much love and attention to detail.


For now that is all for this years Christmas decoration purchases but I’m sure we’ll be back soon to share with you some other crafty Christmas decoration ideas!!

Thanks for reading.

Love Laura & Gordon
Cards And Candles For All Occasions



  1. Thank you sweetie … Love all the items on here… I have to say the crimbo trees on cards look rather cute… made a couple myself for friends..

    The sock snowmand is too cute for words! and Christmas Fae is a real stunner!!

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