Folksy Friday – Dogs

This weeks Folksy Friday post has been written as a result of a news story in our local press regarding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and subsequent comments surrounding suitable dog breeds. See the bottom of this post for my views.

Firstly, we have this Staffie Dog Pink Corduroy Tote Bag featuring Molly the Diva… a fine example of how laid back and fun Staffies can be. This is available to purchase from Bags Of Swank.


Next we have this Damlatian Animal Hood which is such a fab fun item for those long cold winter days, sure to bring a smile to everyone around you. This is available from Doodles In The Margin.


Here we have a gorgeous Lhasa Apso Trivet handcrafted by Dach Crafts, a beautiful piece of work which makes a practical but stunning gift.

Lhasa Apso

Lastly, which I just love, is this Pin Board/Notice Board in a ‘Chihuahua and Small Dogs’ design by the lovely Eternal Earth – a must have for any dog lover 🙂

chihuahua and small dogs

The story in our local press can be read HERE.

Having read the news story and the comments by each member, I was disgusted by many of the comments that I read. The main part of this story is the attack of Brian and Stig – surely people should be showing concern for this man and his pet who have been subjected to this attack rather than badmouthing specific breeds of dog? I hope Brian and Stig make a full recovery soon.

All staffies should be banned as they are the only ‘dangerous’ breed? What complete and utter **** – comments like that show nothing but ignorance. To tar all dogs of the same breed as vicious, unsociable, etc is sheer ludicrous and just proves how many ignorant individuals we have in our society

As has been said, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier along with the other “Bull” breeds are popular with some of the not-so-nice members of society, those who want to look like hard men, those who think that having a dog they can train to look/be aggressive is an important part of their image BUT this is THEM training their dog to act in this way, aggression does not come naturally to any animal. They act in the way they are brought up to behave, to suit the surroundings they are in.

If you show a Staffie the same TLC, love and attention you show any other breed then you will have a loving, loyal friend for life. However, if you treat your animal with aggression, encourage fighting and negative behaviour then your pet dog will return this behaviour ten fold. Just the same as any child – they are raised in a way which shapes them for life… good parenting tends to lead to well balanced, positive, well mannered and well behaved children/teenagers and adults – the same is relevant to animal ownership.

In my personal opinion (and almost thirty years experience of dog breeding, events, shows and rescue centres) it is not the animals who are at fault in situations as this but the irresponsible dog owners who buy an animal because they think training it to be aggressive suits their own ‘big man/tough guy’ image. They are the PEOPLE at fault, the dogs are simply acting how they have been trained. These people often realise that Staffies and many other breeds referred to as ‘dangerous’ do not have an aggressive bone in their bodies and the dogs are subsequently abandoned, then rescue centres, etc are faced with many of these dogs facing abandonment issues, trust issues, separation anxiety, shyness, stress, etc – is it still the dog to blame here? NO!!

Both of our neighbours are responsible owners of Staffordshire Bull Terriers – one of which is a male Staffie who is very muscular but is so soft and loving, he often wanders into our home for a cuddle and fuss, rolling onto his back to have his tummy scratched. And for the ignorant members of this group, a dog lying on it’s back is a sign of submission not aggression. Our other neighbour owns a dainty female Staffie who is equally loving and gently, always at their garden gate to welcome us home and looking for attention/TLC. Both of these dogs have been raised with love, care, positive training and no aggression – this shows in their behaviour, neither of them would hurt anyone. This has been proven in the case of the male Staffie – his owner was walking him in the summer when they were attacked by a group of youths – did the dog attack? No, he backed away, avoiding confrontation/aggression, hardly the behaviour of a killer devil dog is it?!

The following information is taken from the Ehow website’s Ten Most Aggressive Dog Breeds article:

Understanding characteristics of each breed and providing appropriate training during the early stages of the dog’s life will make managing aggressive tendencies easier to manage as the dog ages.

The top 10 aggressive breeds include large breeds such as Chows, Old English Sheepdogs, Giant Schnauzers and Rottweilers; small breeds such as Chihuahuas, Papillons, Toy Poodles and Miniature Pinschers; and medium breeds such as Lhasa Apsos and Jack Russell terriers. I don’t see Staffordshire Bull Terriers mentioned here, do you?

The top 10 most dangerous breeds include Dalmatians, Boxers, Presa Canarios, Chows, Doberman Pinschers, Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian huskies, German shepherds, Rottweilers and Pit Bulls. Surprise surprise, no Staffies on that list either.

So… what have we all got to realise? Any dog breed can be dangerous, it depends on their upbringing and responsibility of their owners – just like the upbringing of children and the actions of their parents. Not all animals of the same breed can be tarred with the same brush – just like people of the same race, religion, area they live, etc are not all the same.

I guess the old saying that “ignorance breeds ignorance” is shown to be true in the comments following this news story.

All dog owners regardless of the breed they own need to show responsibility and respect for their animals, just the same as non-dog owners should look into the facts before making derogatory comments but then it’s easier to make the comments than look at the bigger picture.

Sorry for the length of this post today but as you can tell, animal welfare is something very close to our hearts.

Love Laura & Gordon

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  1. Thank you for featuring my bag, from not just a crafter but also a dog rescue supporter.

    Agree with everything you have posted there, you missed the popular saying though.


    Great post

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