Crafty Recommendation: Silver Birch Crafts

Here at Cards And Candles For All Occasions we pride ourselves on supporting fellow artists and crafts businesses, as oppose to mass produced and chain store purchases. If we have a gift to buy or a special occasion to celebrate we would much prefer to contact one of our lovely fellow crafters to purchase something unique, which is handmade with love and personal to the recipient.

With this in mind we have had a couple of gifts to purchase over the last month or so, firstly was the first birthday of a close friends baby boy… sadly, they live around 250 miles away so we were unable to share in his birthday celebrations and we had to take postage into account when looking for a suitable birthday gift.

We were talking to various people on Twitter and discussing ideas when the lovely Sarah at Silver Birch Crafts suggested either a personalised fleece taggy blanket or cot blanket – what a fab idea!! Seeing as this was a special birthday of a very special little boy we decided to order a matching set.

taggy and blanket

I think you’ll agree that these are absolutely beautiful. Sarah was a pleasure to work with, emailing every step of the way to discuss fabric choices, font style and colour, wording and to show us photos as our order progressed. The customer service we received from Silver Birch Crafts was second to none.

And the birthday boy? The message we got from his mummy was that he loves his snuggly warm fleecy blanket and taggy, so we can’t ask for more than that!!

When I decided to order something special for Gordon, in memory of our darling angel babies, I didn’t have to think twice about who to talk to. I knew that Sarah would be the perfect person.

I knew this was a very delicate subject which many people may not feel comfortable working with but Silver Birch Crafts were superb. There were long discussions about what exactly I was looking for, the price range I was considering, how personal we wanted this to be and Sarah was so professional in dealing with this order.

Since going through our miscarriages it has seemed as though the sympathies, remembrance gifts and thoughts of people have been centered towards me, mother… I know this has upset Gordon (and rightly so) as he was as much a parent as I was and to lose our little ones affected him just as much, yet people didn’t seem to want to acknowledge this. Having spoken to many people who have gone through similar situations, it seems as though everything surrounding baby loss is aimed towards Mum and not Dad. Something I find very unfair.

Both Gordon and I each have our own memory boxes where we can store and protect items which are special to us – photographs, letters, cards and little items. I have a personalised blanket for my babies, yet Gordon didn’t have anything acknowledging our losses. This upset me. I wanted a small gift which he could add to his memory box and would be a lasting memory/keepsake of our angel babies. Sarah was wonderful in helping me to achieve this.

After many emails, we decided that the perfect keepsake gift would be a small embroidered pillow. I chose an eight inch square, ivory silk pillow with a red font, which Sarah embroidered with a very special poem. My order arrived this morning and I absolutely love it, it is more than I could have wished for. It is perfect.


When I gave Gordon his gift, it was clear to see how much this means to him… for him to have something to comfort him, a memory of our babies, a keepsake to hold and cherish. His words were few but the look in his eye said so much, he loves it… it’s wonderful.

I am so thankful to Sarah at Silver Birch Crafts for agreeing to this commission as I know that it is a very difficult subject to work with and yet she has done us proud. This is something which will be loved and cherished for many years to come. A comforter on those difficult days, a reminder of our angel babies who are watching over us and an example of Sarah’s wonderful work.

Silver Birch Crafts offer a range of handcrafted, unique and personalised gifts with all ages catered for. If you are looking for something special then I would definitely recommend contacting Sarah, you will not be disappointed.

Silver Birch Crafts can be contacted on:






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