Folksy Friday – Cushions

I don’t know about everyone else but I love a bit of luxury… lots of comfort and snuggles. Our house is full of cushions, lots of lovely cushions… fluffy ones, leather ones, embroidered ones and even the odd character one. Can you tell that I simply love cushions?

With this in mind, today’s Folksy Friday feature is a selection of pretty handcrafted cushions which I’ve found and would like to share with you.

First we have this handprinted Union Jack flag cushion with a Thistle overlay from HELKETDESIGN, I love the colours used here:

union jack thistle

Here we have this Limited Edition Anchor Mini Cushion from Senior Picklesworth featuring an adorable little Chihuahua:

anchor chihuahua

Next we have this gorgeous Patchwork Cushion from Mia Design… a beautiful, summery and bright selection of colours, would look gorgeous in any room:

patchwork cushion

For the animal and fun lovers amongst us we have this Whimsical Cow Cushion from Sara Norwood:


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? For those of us who have a sweet tooth but like something pretty to look at we have this Laura Ashley Charcoal Gingham and Cupcake Cushion from Gingham Designs which is also available in scarlet.

cupcake gingham

Last but by no means least we have Lil Lady And Friend from Dotty Daisies… technically not a cushion, though describer by the designer as “She reminds me a little of an eskimo – not sure what she really is only that her and her little friend are very cute” but they look so cute and squishy that I couldn’t not include them – they look ideal for cuddling while you watch the tv!!

Lil Lady and Friend

So that’s my Folksy Friday selection for this week… I hope you enjoy browsing and sharing. Don’t forget to come back next week and see what other goodies we’ve found for you 🙂

Laura xxx


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