Wish Upon A Star – Part 2

Following on from our last post about our patchwork ‘page’ of a commission order Christmas card, we have been busy working on the second page this morning.

Part one can be seen >HERE<.

Page two consists of an eleven inch Christmas tree being cut out of the centre of a sheet of fern green colour card, the outer card was then mounted onto red card, while the Christmas tree was decorated with fancy ribbons and diecut Christmas baubles and candy canes. Each of the decorations are attached using red eyelets.

The Christmas tree was then 3D mounted into the space it was cut from but the 3D mounting combined with the red backing card gives the tree a red outline.

The page was then decorated with a decoupage penguin and snowman image, a selection of diecut presents, a ‘special daughter’ stocking and of course the Christmas Angel on top of the tree.

The finished design was then mounted onto another twelve inch square sheet of green card to cover the eyelet edges on the reverse. This also provides a clear page for the sender to write their message.

Photographs of the ‘card so far’ will be added later today đŸ™‚

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